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Essilor Launches Stellest Lenses in Singapore

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Essilor® StellestTM Lenses are clinically proven to slow down myopia progression.

Myopia is the condition that affects a person’s vision of distance; where one can clearly see objects that are near, but have challenges seeing objects that are further away. It is a common vision problem, typically discovered and diagnosed before turning 20 years old.

The condition is traditionally corrected with single vision solutions, such as with standard spectacles or contact lenses.

Unfortunately, correction alone is insufficient as myopia can worsen over time, and more correction or control measures are needed. According to experts, early onset of myopia can increase the risk of developing high myopia. This makes interventions at at early stage critical.

Studies have shown that children with myopic parents tend to have a greater risk of developing myopia. Modern lifestyles, such as less outdoor playtime and an increase in activities like reading, playing video games have also contributed to the risk of myopia.

Myopia capital of the world with an impact on quality of life

Singapore is recognised as the myopia capital of the world with 65 percent of children turning myopic by age 12. This has implications on the quality of life for our children.

Much of learning is done visually, leading to a strong link between good vision health of a child and their learning development. Having good vision provides children with an easier learning journey and can have an effect on their social relationships, and comfort levels with peers. Holistically, these conditions can help children with their confidence, amongst other factors.

According to experts, each additional dioptre (colloquially known as “degree”) can increase the risk of developing serious vision-threatening complications later in life if myopia progression is not addressed and controlled from a young age. (Reference: Bullimore MA, Brennan NA. Myopia Control: Why Each Diopter Matters. Optometry and vision science : official publication of the American Academy of Optometry. 2019;96(6):463-5.)

Launch of Essilor® Stellest™ Lenses to fight myopia progression

Essilor® Stellest™ Lenses is Essilor’s best solution to slow down myopia progression in children.

The lenses are made of a cutting-edge constellation of 1021 invisible lenslets. On top of bringing sharp vision as a standard single vision, this constellation creates a signal in the child eye acting as a shield against eye elongation.

Along with H.A.L.T. (Highly Aspherical Lenslet Target) Technology, Essilor® Stellest™ lenses slow down myopia progression by 67 percent on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day.

The benefits have been recorded through an ongoing three-year clinical trial on 167 myopic children wby Essilor and the Wenzhou Medical University, at Essilor’s joint Research and Development Center in China.

  • After two years of wearing Essilor® Stellest™ Lenses, the children showed a 67 percent slow-down in myopia progression on average compared to wearing single vision lenses, when Essilor® Stellest™ Lenses were worn at least 12 hours a day.
  • After the first year, the eye growth of 9 out of 10 children wearing Essilor® Stellest™ Lenses lenses was similar or slower than non-myopic children.
Photo credit: Essilor

Availability of Essilor® Stellest™ Lenses

Essilor® StellestTM lenses are available at major optical chain stores and independent optical stores islandwide.

Individuals can also locate and reach out to certified myopia experts near them to have their child’s vision checked and understand the child’s myopia risk profile.

Photo credit: Essilor®