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Fertility Tips for a great 2018

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From understanding how age affects fertility to having a healthy diet and lifestyle, Virtus Fertility Centre shares its top tips for couples to boost fertility.

Dr. Roland Chieng, Medical Director at Virtus Fertility Centre, said: “Chinese New Year is a time for gatherings over reunion dinners filled with warmth and joy. Such gatherings, framed by ‘the more the merrier’, often prompt thoughts and plans around new family beginnings. It’s a timely occasion to reflect on the importance of family, and remember that it’s never too late to start planning for a new addition!”

  1. Age

Without doubt, the age of a woman is the most important factor affecting fertility as age affects the number and quality of her eggs. From 35 years of age the average women’s fertility begins to decline. Age also affects the quantity and quality of a male’s sperm too – as he ages lower levels of testosterone are produced. Couples are encouraged to understand the affect age has on the chance of conception and consider conceiving while both partners are in their peak of reproduction.

  1. Stress

An average employee in Singapore spends about 45 hours per week working, which is hardly surprising given the status of Singapore as a developed cosmopolitan city. However, being caught up in the rat race brings along a huge amount of stress to an individual. Stress is identified as one of the top factors that adversely affects a person’s mental and physical health – including fertility.

  1. Alcohol and smoking

Health experts have always condoned heavy and long-term consumption of alcohol and cigarettes due to their irreversible impacts on health. In men, alcohol destroys testicular cells and nicotine (found in cigarettes) affects the quality of sperm produced. A female smoker will take longer than a non-smoker to conceive and is more likely to miscarry during pregnancy (1% increase in risk per cigarette smoked per day).

  1. Diet

“You are what you eat” – This is a very popular saying and is often used to encourage others to sustain a healthy diet. Scientifically speaking, it is true to a certain extent that the food you eat will be absorbed by your body in different ways. A Harvard Medical School study revealed that diets consisting of slow carbohydrates (whole grains, beans), whole milk and plant iron (in spinach, tomatoes, beets) can help promote fertility in both men and women.

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