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Free Cervical Cancer screening for women by the 365 Cancer Prevention Society

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In a bid to combat cervical cancer, the 365 Cancer Prevention Society (365CPS) has launched a free screening campaign, #My1stPapTest.

This initiative, which runs until 31 May 2024, offers free ThinPrep Pap Test screenings for eligible women aged between 25 to 69 years old.

Cervical Cancer

The fight against cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is the 10th most common cancer among women and has the 8th highest mortality rate in Singapore.

Each year, more than 200 women are diagnosed with this disease. Despite these alarming statistics, cervical cancer is highly preventable. Early detection through screening tests can identify any abnormalities during the pre-cancerous stages. Additionally, HPV vaccinations can protect against cancer-causing HPV strains.

A 2019 study by the National University of Singapore revealed that while 88.5 percent of women knew about the purpose of the pap smear, only 48.2 percent had undergone the test within the past three years. This disparity underscores the need to bridge the gap between awareness and action to reduce the incidence rates and improve the survival rates of cervical cancer patients in Singapore.

The ThinPrep Pap Test can be a game changer

The #My1stPapTest campaign utilises the ThinPrep Pap Test, an advanced screening technique that improves the detection of abnormal cells and increases the accuracy of results. Unlike the traditional Pap smear, this liquid-based cytology test collects cells from the cervix and places them into a liquid-based solution for better sample preservation before analysis.

Cervical Cancer

Making a difference

365CPS, in collaboration with Icon Cancer Centre, aims to raise public awareness about the preventability and treatability of cervical cancer.

Early detection saves lives. Through this campaign, we hope to not only encourage sign-ups for #My1stPapTest but also drive uptake for Singapore’s Screen for Life cervical cancer screening programme. Together, cervical cancer elimination can become a reality.

Mr Andrew Soh, Assistant Director for Fundraising, Marketing and Volunteer Management at 365CPS

#My1stPapTest cervical cancer screening

From now until 15 May 2024, eligible women can sign up for the #My1stPapTest cervical cancer screening.

For enquiries or to register, contact 365CPS community partners, email, or register on the 365CPS website.

Eligibility criteria include being aged between 25 to 69 years old, holding a valid blue or orange CHAS card, and having engaged in sexual intercourse.

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