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How Effective Is Treadmill Running As Compared To Running Outside?

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There is no definite way of running. People make their choices when it comes to how they want to workout. Whether they want to run outside, either with friends or alone, treadmill running at home, or even get a gym membership.

Likewise, whatever way you choose for yourself, the ultimate results are for you to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. Either way, you need to put in a lot of efforts. However, you can make this easier on yourself by picking what suits you the best. Whether should you run on a treadmill or go outside? 

Here we help you make a better choice for yourself by bringing you a complete guide of the effectiveness of both methods. 

Advantages Of Running On A Treadmill

There is a list of things that you would not have to worry about if you are thinking of running on a treadmill. First, you do not need to put sports clothes on, or even need sunscreen before stepping out. Having a place to run inside your house is the most comfortable idea. You can hop off from your sofa and run on the treadmill. 

Secondly, the pace of your running is under your control. The running belt under your feet is a constant reminder of how fast you need to run. This sets your tempo and puts you in the mood to run. Plus, who cares about the weather if you have a treadmill? It can be snowing outside, but you still have your chance of running if you own a treadmill. There are no time restrictions, and you are free to run anytime you like, and this makes it convenient to run on a treadmill. 

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Disadvantages Of Running On A Treadmill 

However, the downside to running on a treadmill is the predictability of it. You are doing nothing but running on a belt that takes you nowhere. The lack of the natural environment, any stimulating factors for the brain makes it boring to run on a treadmill everyday especially if you are doing it at home alone. 

Like a terrain, there are no turns to make, no scenery to enjoy, no fresh breeze, and no sunlight, which is essential for bones. And do not let these factors mislead you, if you can get injured on terrain, you can also get injured on a treadmill. So, injuries are part of the deal no one can avoid. 

Advantages Of Running Outside?

The biggest advantage of running outside is that it’s free!

You do not need to spend a penny unlike buying a treadmill or getting a gym membership. You have to wear your shoes and the proper attire and get on your merry way. Hence, running outside has the convenience of its own. 

Moreover, exercising has outstanding effects on the brain. If you are running on a natural course, it may even manage your mood or stress levels given how nature has a calming effect on our minds. Try running on grass, or by the sea, and you will know what this means. Do not forget the fresh air you can breathe in when spending time outside. 

On the other hand, the uncertain terrains and the turns put you under an adrenaline rush. It gives you the freedom to move whatever way you like. The unpredictability of the course keeps your mind alert and focused on what might come next. There are higher chances of acquiring injuries this way, but there are many ways you can avoid them, too. You will surely learn to prevent injuries with time. 

With every factor combined, your brain will like running outside more than it would when running on a treadmill. 

Disadvantages Of Running Outside

The most concerning disadvantage of running outside has to be the weather. In countries where it rains often or snows heavily, it may make it difficult to run every day. 

Similarly, it is easy to bump into other people, dogs, or even cars if you are not careful enough which may lead to accidents. 

Most people prefer running outside. However, the choice is for you to make. Whatever you choose, remember that you do not have to stop running and that you can make achieving your fitness goals your priority.

Article attributed to Sarah Walker, Founder of She is a fitness expert who blogs about fitness, positivity, and mental health. She share pearls of wisdom in order to help individuals live a meaningful and progressive life. Her aim is to assist people in aligning their lives according to their goals and objectives.

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