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ION Art + Affordable Art Fair hosts exhibitions for Young Talent Programme

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The Young Talent Programme provides a meaningful platform for talented young artists in Southeast Asia between 18 and 35 years old to be selected to work alongside the programme curator at ION Art to hold their own solo exhibition for three weeks. 

This year’s Winners’ Solo Exhibitions sees three talented artists – one from Vietnam and two from Singapore, each specialising in unique forms of art such as the interaction of substances with metal.

Launching 1 September 2017, three artists from the fifth edition of the Young Talent Programme who exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair Autumn edition 2016 will headline the Winners’ Solo Exhibitions – Le Thuy will present ‘Uninhabited’, Leow Wei Li will show ‘entering out, exiting in’, and Tay Ining will present ‘Free Ripe Food Rots Fast’. The three solo exhibitions are the result of 10 months of working alongside programme curator, Seah Tzi-Yan.

Event details
Venue: ION Art gallery, level 4
2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Until: 24 Sept 2017
Time: 10am – 10pm

*Admission is free to enter the ION Art Gallery


  • Tay Ining (Singapore) : Exhibition – “Free Ripe Food Rots Fast” – Working in a metalworking shop, Ining revolves her art around the metal fabrication workshop in Singapore. Free Ripe Food Rots Fast takes a close look at the decay of substances in our created environment (eg, interaction of soap on metal)
  • Leow Wei Li (Singapore) : Exhibition – “entering out, exiting in” – Wei Li’s art is about space and sound. She collects noises and communicates her living experiences through painted spatial forms.
  • Le Thuy (Vietnam) : Exhibition – “Uninhabited” – Inspired by traditional Vietnamese folk narratives, Le Thuy creates beautiful pieces of art in the form of silk paintings depicting the imagery of animals to personify the struggles that she has faced

Listing and pictures credit to ION Art and Affordable Art Fair



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