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Singapore Skincare Brand RESS and the benefits of Pandan

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RESS by Restoration Essence is a Singaporean skincare brand.

Founded by Sara Davina Soong, RESS has over 30 products to combat dryness, ageing and pigmentation.

The key ingredient used across their products – scrubs, serum, lotions – is Pandan. Pandan is a natural product with essential oils that can help with detox and stress relief. Sara makes all the products herself with recipes that aim to provide maximum benefit for the skin.


Hydroboost Serum ($40.90)


Pandan Leaves Scrub (S$31.50)

We speak with Sara about the inspiration behind launching Restoration Essence, the benefits of pandan and using essential oils for the skin

Active Age (AA): What’s your inspiration for founding Restoration Essence?

Sara (SS): My family has been my beauty inspiration ever since I was young, but more so now that I can look back at what I have learned from them over the years. My mum and grandma would always be applying food/herbs based masks on their faces and bodies. They will also be constantly cooking or using certain traditional recipes to heal themselves of ailments.

AA:How has the journey been so far in running Restoration Essence?
SS: It has been a challenging but rewarding and exciting journey. We were simply amazed yet thankful for how when we first launched it, there were much doubts and to it being fully sold out at our official launch. We were also excited to have met many like-minded people along the way who made the journey a little sweeter through the challenges.

We also learnt that we are our own biggest fans, for when that happens, it saw us through our emotional pullbacks.

AA: What are the benefits of essential oils and pandan specifically for the body?
SS: Essential oils are very concentrated and pure as they are distilled directly from plants, herbs and flowers; hence they have very small molecules that can penetrate deeper into skin and cells. This makes them very effective. Some of their benefits include treatment for anxiety, pain, stress relief, and even digestive issues. There are others that are anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal making them a natural treatment for acne, eczema, skin issues and headaches.

Pandan itself has natural detoxification and pain relief properties making it effective for headaches, menstrual pain and other conditions.

AA:What expectations should people have regarding using essential oils?
SS: A natural element is not an immediate cure or relief for any ailments. It takes time and patience for intended results.

AA: How can people incorporate essential oils into their regiment without over-using them?
SS: Just always err on the safe side by using less than more. Always follow the recommended amount and do not exceed more than advised as essential oils are highly concentrated. When in doubt, it is safer to not use it.

Another point to note is to always check if they could be directly applied to the skin as most oils can’t be directly applied to the skin unless stated.

Although essential oils are all natural and has loads of benefits, not using it correctly can have adverse side effects. After all, “with greater power comes greater responsibility”



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