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Level up brain and fitness performance at the new Sparkd hub

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Sparkd is Asia’s first brain and fitness hub, that has recently opened in Singapore.

Sparkd is a new-concept gym that promotes exercise and strength training for the brain while challenging the body to perform at a high level at the same time.

Known as “dual-tasking”, Sparkd sessions are designed to challenge the body to move in increasingly complex ways whilst engaging the brain to complete an activity at the same time. This trains the brain to be more resilient, responsive and adaptive.


The hub also uses technologies such as Smartfit and Reaxing which are designed to stimulate various domains of the brain in charge of executive functions and visuospatial demands.

Equipment and technologies are “gamified’ and tweaked for level of difficulty, adds an additional element of fun while cognitive activities are taking place. This can increase participation and interest rates during class.

Sparkd programmes are backed by scientific evidence with improvements seen across many high level cognitive abilities and its transference to human performance in day-to-day activities. The technologies are used by the Canadian and US special forces, Ferrari F1 drivers, Italian Rugby Federation, leading soccer teams like Manchester United and Juventus, and top NFL teams and basketball teams in the US.

According to Sparkd, it only takes 18 minutes of training per week to impact one’s attention, working memory and processing speed.

Sparkd also hosts a dedicated neuro rehabilitation space with services designed to assist anyone diagnosed with cognitive conditions. Its neuro rehabilitation and physiotherapist specialises in brain health and can treat various conditions.

Sparkd coaches are all brain health certified and come from various backgrounds and have worked in the industry for a number of years.

Anna Milani, CEO & Founder of Sparkd shared with the Active Age about what a typical session looks like and the technologies used.

the Active Age (AA): What is brain fitness and how did you arrive/derive at this concept?

Anna Milani (AM): Brain Fitness is a combination of various exercise modalities that stimulate different parts of the brain. We use a methodology called cognitive motor training, which combines fitness exercises with cognitive exercises at the same time to enhance neuroplasticity.

AA: Why did you pick Singapore as a location to introduce Sparkd?

AM: I have been living in Singapore for the last 8 years and this is home now. Singapore, like the rest of South East Asia has an elderly population that is growing exponentially and I feel a service that empowers seniors to live a long, healthy and independent life is needed. Sparkd is a place that wants to be aspirational and welcoming to seniors so they feel strong in both their bodies and brains.

AA: Can you walk us through what a typical exercise and strength training for the brain programme is like at Sparkd including dual-tasking and gamification?

AM: A big component of what we do at Sparkd is cognitive motor training. That would be the simultaneous execution of a physical task, which could be squats, lunges, burpees, or balancing while doing a cognitive task such as tracking targets, doing memory exercises, playing spelling games or solving mathematical equations.

The training is done with the use and integration of various technologies that are gamified, innovative and interactive, where the participants react to stimuli on screens, walls or portable pods or lights placed on the walls, stands or floor.

AA: Can you expand on the Smartfit and Reaxing technologies and how they are used at Sparkd?

AM: The technologies we use at Sparkd are utilised to work both the brain and body at the same time. This is done by technologies that recreate environments and stimuli that make you react. With Reaxing you are constantly training to react as interference will challenge you both on a neuromuscular and brain level. With Smartfit you are able to do cognitive motor training simultaneously.

AA: Why is Sparkd and its associated training programmes suitable for both young and old?


AM: Young people benefit from brain fitness training as their brains are still developing. Seniors benefit from brain fitness as the goal of brain fitness is to slow down cognitive and physical decline at the same time.

For studies please refer to the information shared on our website.

AA: How is a Sparkd coach certified and beyond brain health and PT certification, do they also specialise in other areas related to Sparkd’s variety of programmes?

All the coaches at Sparkd are Brain Health Trainer Certified as well as personal trainers. Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds such as medical, scientific fields as well as the arts. They each bring with them different experiences and expertise. We have selected a variety of coaches to create a dynamic environment where people can learn from one other.

Sparkd is located at 46 Kim Yam Road, The Herencia, Unit 04-23/24, River Valley Singapore 239351. Readers can contact them by email at or website.

Group classes (Adults/Kids; 45-minute session) are available:

  • Single Group class SGD 42
  • Introductory 3 Group class package SGD 99
  • Group class packages start from SGD 199

Private classes (Adults/Kids; 60-minute session) are available:

  • Single Private class SGD 185
  • Private class packages start from SGD 900

During the current Phase 2 (Heightened Awareness), the Sparkd hub is open under restrictions. The Sparkd team is offering a mixture of private indoor, outdoors and online classes. For updated information, please check with the Sparkd team, their website and Instagram.