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National Dental Centre Singapore launches Meals to Smile About recipe book

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Meals to Smile About is a compilation of 30 delectable and nutritious recipes. These recipes are curated for those who face difficulty chewing and eating after their dental treatment.

The National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) has launched its first recipe book, Meals to Smile About. This is a compilation of 30 recipes, specially curated for those who face difficulty chewing and eating after their dental treatment.

NDCS shares that the recovery process after dental treatment is often uncomfortable, painful, and inevitably unenjoyable for patients who have fewer meal options to choose from.

We were inspired to create Meals to Smile About because we believe that caring for our patients goes beyond the dental chair. It is about their overall wellbeing, and that includes being able to enjoy wholesome, hearty meals with their loved ones. For many, food also has the ability to provide comfort. As such, through these recipes, we hope to bring a smile to our patients during their recovery period

Clinical Associate Professor Poon Choy Yoke, Director, National Dental Centre Singapore

Recipes range across cuisines and formats covering mains, sides and desserts with dishes such as Chawanmushi to Palak Paneer, Pong Tauhu and Lasagne.

These recipes were developed in consultation with dietitians, to ensure that the recipes meet dietary recommendations.

There are also best practices shared by dentists for patients on how to look after their oral health including those that are braces, dentures or those who have had tooth extractions.

Meals to Smile About

Donate to the NDCS Tooth Fairy Fund to get the recipe book

All proceeds from the book will go to the NDCS Tooth Fairy Fund. The Fund aims to help needy patients gain access to oral healthcare, and support oral health research and education efforts.

How can I make a donation and get a copy of the Meals to Smile About book?

Each of the following donation amounts entitles the donor to one copy of the Meals to Smile About book. Note that the donation is not eligible for tax deduction.

  • Hardback: SGD 100
  • Paperback: SGD 25
  • eBook (PDF): SGD 20

Donors can visit this website to make their donation. Upon receiving the donation and details, donors will be notified to collect your book(s).

Collection of book(s) can be done at the National Dental Centre Singapore located at 5 Second Hospital Avenue Singapore 168938 from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 10am to 4pm.

Courier service will be available for donors who donate SGD 500 and above. Donors who opt for eBooks will receive their book via email.

What are the recipes are included in the Meals to Smile About book?

Meals to Smile About
Meals to Smile About