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Fitbit Electrocardiogram App Receives Regulatory Clearance in Singapore

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The Fitbit Electrocardiogram App has received local regulatory clearance in Singapore in July.

Fitbit Customers can use the Fitbit’s Electrocardiogram (ECG) App to assess their heart rhythm. This will help them to monitor their heart health by measuring and recording the electrical activity of their heart through their Fitbit.

Prior to 14 July, the app was not available to customers in Singapore. The list of countries that the Fitbit ECG app is available can be found here.

To access the Fitbit ECG App, customers can hold their fingers to the stainless-steel ring on their Fitbit Sense while being still for 30 seconds. This will provide them with a reading that they can download and share with their doctor.

According to Fitbit, one use case for customers to use the Fitbit ECG App is in the checking of their heart rhythm right from their wrist. This can help them spot heart problems such as AFib. AFib is an electrical problem in the heart where the upper chambers—called the atria—beat erratically, which causes the heart to beat in an irregular rhythm. AFib affects more than 33.5 million people globally and increases the risk of serious heart conditions like stroke. This Fitbit ECG App assessment cannot diagnose AFib on its own, but the results can help customers raise it as a potential issue to their doctors.

The Fitbit ECG app is available for customers using the Fitbit Sense. The Fitbit Sense retails for SGD 418 on and online at Amazon and Fitbit’s Official Store on Lazada and Shopee.

Fitbit Electrocardiogram App