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Oriental Remedies Group flagship clinic opens at Thomson

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Oriental Remedies Group flagship clinic to provide better access to integrative TCM treatment care for people with chronic health problems

Oriental Remedies Group is a patient-centred healthcare provider offering treatments grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and enhanced with medical technology, has announced the opening of its flagship clinic at Thomson.

This is ORG’s third outlet and its largest with seven rooms for consultations and treatments.

The company’s expansion comes amid rising demand for its services. Even since opening their second outlet located along East Coast Road, ORG has seen patient numbers grow tenfold, and revenue increase by 700 percent. They attribute this to the increasing cases of chronic conditions in Singapore and an observed trend of more people managing these chronic health problems through TCM.

Public perception of TCM’s cross-cultural relevance has improved tremendously since we opened our first clinic in 2013. Chronic diseases have a huge impact on one’s quality of life and TCM treatments can help patients prevent and slow down disease progression. Many of our non-Chinese speaking patients have shared that their perception of TCM changed after visiting our clinics.

Beatrice Liu, CEO and Co-founder of Oriental Remedies Group

A preventive TCM approach is complementary to mainstream healthcare

ORG’s approach is to use natural therapies to help their patients. Instead of treating symptoms, they seek to understand nnvironmental influences or poor lifestyle choices that can impact a person’s health and focus on adjusting one’s lifestyle and dietary habits.

This approach is supplemented by herbal remedies and therapies, to help strengthen the body’s natural defences by restoring the body’s energy. Patients are also encouraged to practise self-care techniques at home to optimise their health and well-being.

In addition to traditional therapies, ORG’s integrative TCM treatment care
includes tech-enhanced therapies such as Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT),
Far-Infrared Therapy and Negative Ion Therapy.

According to ORG, their integrated TCM approach – for patients coping with chronic pain or diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke and arthritis – can help enhance the body’s ability to heal faster, focusing on strengthening the immune system and managing anxiety. 

Additional services offered at the new Thomson clinic include: cancer support, cardiovascular diseases support, autoimmune conditions support, handling ertility and gynaecological concerns and helping with mental wellness and anxiety.

ORG also has a focus on Corporate Wellbeing Health Programmes

ORG extends its TCM services to employees of businesses and organisations through “Corporate Wellbeing Health Programmes”.

These are programmes that offer TCM benefits as part of their integrated HR solutions to help care for their employees’ well-being. Based on each company’s healthcare plan, ORG offers subsidised rates for physician consultation and therapies such as herbal medication, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and tuina.

Additionally, ORG conducts corporate workshops on topics such as stress management and posture improvement to reduce chronic pain which help improve employee productivity and reduce sick days.

ORG has partnered with managed healthcare service providers like MHC, IHP and Mednefits and onboarded Grab to offer subsidised or free consultations and treatments across all its clinics for employees and Grab drivers as part of their corporate medical benefits.

Photo provided by Oriental Remedies Group: Ms Yeo Wan Ling (centre), Director for NTUC U SME and U Women and Family, visits ORG’s flagship clinic at Thomson on its soft launch on 20 January 2022.