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Virgin Active Launches New Membership Structure

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New membership structure reflects the needs and wants of members looking for flexible fitness and wellness options

Virgin Active has been active (pun intended) observing and seeking to understand how their members’ behaviours have changed as they adapt to work-from-home and hybrid work arrangements due to the easing of pandemic restrictions in 2022.

They have found the popularity of online classes decreasing and a difference between how their male and female members approached classes and using the gym.

Some of these insights have provided Virgin Active with the understanding that members want flexibility in their fitness options. This can be in the form of adding on a relax and rehab programme to their Crossfit or Spin routine, or resistance training to gain strength for sports they may play outside the gym.

New Virgin Active membership structure rolled out since January 2022

The new structure encourages members to find their fit, by incorporating more flexibility into plans and options for both fitness and wellness. It supports members that want to try the diversity of class offerings, use of the gym, the swimming pool and Sleep Pods.

There are three core options in the new structure: Once-A-Weekers, Goal Getters, and Long Termers.

Once-A-Weekers: Targeted at those who only need to hit the gym weekly. This plan supports members that want to use Virgin Active’s strength, stretch, and relaxation offerings while getting their workouts separately through sports or other activities.

Goal Getters: Supports members with a specific fitness goal that they want to hit, such as getting in shape for a wedding, training for a competition or losing weight for medical reasons. The programme will help them reach their goals in a short three months. Thereafter, members can opt to stop or change their membership option based on new needs.

Long-Termers: This is the more familiar option where members purchase a 12-month package with unlimited access to all six clubs and all the classes, climbing wall, swimming pool, the Rest and Recovery zones with the Nap Pods, Salt Rooms and other tools.

At Virgin Active Singapore, we understand that consumer needs are evolving. We are also constantly monitoring and listening to what consumers in Singapore like to offer solutions which are relevant to our audience. With our revamp in membership options, we look forward to allow everyone to find their fit at Virgin Active, with a whole lot of fun.

Julien Bera, Country Director of Virgin Active Singapore

Photo credit: Virgin Active