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Virgin Active explores Singapore’s gym-going behaviour

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Virgin Active looks at data to see how gym-going behaviours have changed as we move into 2022.

Given the repercussions of the pandemic, Virgin Active has observed the changing behaviours of members as they adapted to work from home, gym closures, and more including the easing of restrictions and gym re-openings in 2021.

Virgin Active took a look through their data to see how gym-going behaviours have changed as we move into 2022. The following is a summary of their observations.

Virgin Active
Credit: Virgin Active Singapore Facebook Page

Online classes are less popular

  • Online classes have dipped in popularity by 22 percent with less members participating virtually in 2021 as compared to 2020
  • Out of the members that participate in online classes, they generally also attend more classes with Grid, Virgin Active’s high intensity interval training programme, Yoga, and Mat Pilates having the strongest online participation
  • The highest growth in online class take-ups was from the 25-40 age bracket, increasing from 46 percent in 2020 to 61 percent in 2021

Members are using personal training to help achieve goals efficiently and effectively

  • Personal training saw an increase of 59 percent from 2020 to 2021
  • Female members drove this with 72 percent more signing on for personal training compared to 47 percent of men.
  • Of this 59 percent total increase, a majority of them were signing up for personal training for the first time.
  • 75 percent of female members and 73 percent of male members taking up personal training were new

Classes vs. gym

  • Class offerings were female-dominated with women showing a clear preference for in-club group exercise classes, especially Reformer Pilates (86 percent), Pilates (83 percent) and Dance (82 percent).
  • Men spent 73 percent of their time at the gym, using the different cardio machines and weight-training.
  • Male members actually preferred attending classes virtually, such as online classes for Pilates (20 percent online vs 17 percent in-club) and Grid (38 percent online vs 30 percent in-club).
  • Outside the gym floor, men preferred the use of the Swimming Pool (59 percent of all users were male), the Indoor Rock Wall Climbing, and Spin.

Different activities for different objectives and age groups

  • In 2021, the most popular class was LES MILLS Body Pump, with 59 percent of attendees aged between 25-40
  • Boxing and Grid was also popular with an average of 66 percent of all participants from that age group, similar to the 70 percent in 2020
  • Members aged 41-56 enjoyed Pilates the most, with about 40 percent of all spots taken up by members in that age group
  • Those aged 57 and up enjoyed Virgin Active’s dance classes