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NTUC Income launches SNACKFIT

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SNACKFIT is a first-of-its-kind fitness and lifestyle solution that offers bonus insurance coverage based on biological age.

NTUC Income continues on their journey to make financial products more accessible to their customers through lifestyle-based propositions such as SNACKUP and SNACK Investment.

The latest solution launched in December 2021 is SNACKFIT. Available on the SNACK by Income mobile app, SNACKFIT is a fitness and lifestyle proposition that offers bonus insurance coverage based on biological age.

In practice, what this means is SNACKFIT taps on fitness and activity data derived from linked fitness trackers to calculate a customer’s biological age. With that age number, the customer will enjoy bonus insurance coverage when their biological age is younger than the actual age.

SNACKFIT is powered by ReMark’s Biological Age Model BAM

ReMark is the innovation hub of the SCOR Group, the world’s fourth largest reinsurance company. SNACKFIT uses their Biological Age Model BAM solution, which is essentially an algorithm that measures the correlation between mortality and morbidity risk and five physical activities. The algorithm analyses five key metrics – Steps, Active Calories, Resting Heart Rate, Sleep Hours and BMI – to calculate a person’s biological age.


How do customers get bonus insurance coverage with SNACKFIT?

A customer’s biological age is calculated with the Biological Age Model BAM based on their previous day’s activity data received from their fitness trackers.

At launch, the fitness trackers that work with the SNACK by Income mobile app are Fitbit and Garmin.

Once the biological age is calculated, and the customer is determined to have a lower biological age (compared to actual age) for the day prior, the customer will the consumer will receive the bonus insurance coverage on their micro policies issued the next day.

The amount of bonus insurance coverage issued is dependent on how much younger a consumer’s biological age is, as compared to their actual age.


How does SNACKFIT work on the app?

Customers will have to download the SNACK by Income mobile app. They can link a designated fitness source as well as select a preferred micro policies using SNACKFIT (e.g. Accident, Critical Illness, Life insurance, etc.) along with the selected premium amount and weekly cap.


The app will calculate the biological age using using both the fitness data synced from the fitness app tracker as well as mandatory input about height and weight on the app. Thereafter, they can start to keep track of the five key metrics used for the calculation of their biological age.


Customers can check the boosted coverage they qualify for based on the biological age calculated from their activity data.


They can also check on the different bonus coverage tiers based on the number of years their biological age is younger than their actual age.


SNACKFIT is now available on the SNACK by Income mobile app: Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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