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Win prizes in the POSB #HUNTYOURZODIAC2022 with new clan-based gameplay

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The third edition of Singapore’s largest zodiac hunt features more challenges and prizes as well as a new community-inspired game approach.

The POSB #HuntYourZodiac2022 is a virtual local-based mobile game looking to bring some festive fun to DBS PayLah! users from now until 15 February.

Players have to help Smiley, POSB’s mascot, reunite the missing zodiac animals, that escaped after smelling irresistible CNY delicacies scattered across Singapore. They can do so by tracking and catching the zodiac animals located around the island, in order to earn changes to win “angbaos” (red packets) worth up to SGD 888.

There is a total of SGD 180,000 in cash prizes for the third edition of this competition to be won. Any “angbao” money won will be directly credited directly into the player’s DBS PayLah! wallet after the event ends.

How to play POSB #HuntYourZodiac2022

Players have to successfully capture the zodiac animals and win challenges to be rewarded with in-game oranges. These oranges can be exchanged for chances to win cash prizes in the form of “angbaos” ranging from SGD 0.28 to SGD 888.

DBS PayLah! transactions made at any merchant or store will be translated into in-game “power ups” to boost gameplay.

There are a total of 60 zodiac animals representing all five elements (metal, wood, fire, water, earth) of each of the 12 zodiac types: Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig to be caught. These are scattered over 34,000 locations called “Gates of Fortune” around Singapore.

There are even Golden Gates where players can find rarer zodiac animals during the golden hours from 1130 to 1400 hours and 1830 to 2100 hours every day. These Golden Gates are located near places where you can use DBS PayLah! to make cashless transactions.

Clan-based gameplay system for POSB #HuntYourZodiac2022

There is a new community-based component of the game where players of the same zodiac sign will automatically form a clan. The overall progress of the clan is tracked on a leaderboard. Players from the same clan are encouraged to race against other clans in outplaying one another to gain rewards and emerge as the winning clan at the end of the game.

How to access the game and for more information

The POSB #HuntYourZodiac2022 game is available for access at this link through a mobile device –

The game will ask a player to create an account using their mobile number, and players are reminded to use the mobile number that is already registered to their DBS PayLah! account.

Players will be taken through a tutorial on key game features before they can start playing the game by tracking and hunting for the zodiac animals.

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