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Quinn to enhance lifestyle and sexual healthcare for men and women

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Quinn is an e-health platform and is the first such service in Singapore to bring customised telehealth services to tackle men’s and women’s lifestyle issues.

Quinn was launched with a focus on men’s and women’s health, sexual health, skincare and hair. It caters to diverse lifestyle requirements for men’s and women’s sexual health and wellness with evidence-based treatments.

The service offers a safe space, prioritising efficiency and confidentiality for sexual health concerns. This includes birth control and emergency contraception for women, and addressing male concerns such as erectile dysfunction or male pattern balding, as well as acne management. Quinn offers STD testing for both genders, with test kits delivered and collected confidentially to ensure privacy.

Customers using Quinn can receive specific over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications for purchase.

Our panel of medical experts recognise the sensitivity surrounding sexual health. This healthcare service extends beyond just treating patients who engage in sexual activity. The issues relating to sexual health such as hair loss, libido and emotional well-being stemming from one’s reproductive system can be uncomfortable to broach, even in closed-door environments. Quinn is unique because it offers patients access to relevant healthcare professionals in real-time, from any location, using any device – delivering the critical healthcare they need.

Alan Tan, Founder, Quinn

We had a discussion with Dr. Jonathan Chong, Resident Physician and Senior Operations Manager, Quinn Health about the launch and purpose of Quinn, the type of lifestyle issues they have seen and how to use Quinn.

the Active Age (AA): What is the background and the inspiration behind creating Quinn?

Dr. Jonathan Chong (JC): The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a fundamental paradigm shift in the way healthcare was delivered, and underscored the importance of having convenient and accessible healthcare solutions for all patients.

Quinn was conceptualised to meet these needs and to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals. In a world that is constantly evolving, we want to embrace the power of technological innovation and change the way medical services are provided to our patients through overcoming traditional barriers to healthcare such as geographical limitations, limited provider availability and long waiting times.

AA: Who does Quinn want to help with the website and the entire process?

JC: Quinn is designed to be a safe and inclusive space for our patients to connect with healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own homes in an efficient, convenient and discreet fashion.

We wanted to provide an accessible and easy-to-navigate platform that caters to patients who already know what is it that they are looking for (perhaps a particular test, or a type of supplement), as well as patients who may need a little more guidance.

To achieve this, we have included evaluation questionnaires for each focus area that provide individualised recommendations to patients based on their needs, as well as the option to purchase a teleconsultation, if patients require further advice from one of our doctors.

AA: What are some examples of lifestyle issues that Quinn can help with? Or what are the different types of lifestyle health conditions/ issues which you have seen previously, that were not addressed by other telehealth/ telemedicine providers?

JC: Quinn covers a wide range of different services including men’s health concerns (e.g. erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation), women’s health issues (e.g. contraception, vaginal health), wellness (e.g. weight management) and certain hair/skin problems (e.g. hair loss, acne).

While a number of other telehealth providers focus more on acute issues (e.g. flu-like symptoms, diarrhoea/vomiting, headaches etc.), Quinn places a special emphasis on these focus areas instead.

AA: How does a user start with Quinn? Do share with us the flow.

JC: Getting started on Quinn is simple and straightforward. After creating a user account, patients select the service category that best fits with their concerns. Following that, patients may choose to undergo an evaluation where they answer a series of questions and are provided with a personalised recommendation depending on their responses, or go straight to purchasing product(s) of their choosing. These products may include prescription-only medications, over-the-counter supplements, or a series of tests.

If patients wish to proceed directly to undergoing tests and/or purchasing over-the-counter supplements, they may do so without a teleconsultation.  All test results will be followed-up upon by our doctors, and results will be conveyed via email with recommendations on the next steps moving forward (if applicable).

If prescription-only products are chosen, or if patients are keen to speak with a doctor first to address any questions/concerns they may have, a teleconsultation will be arranged after the purchase is made.  

After checking out (and a teleconsultation session where required), all medications and/or self-test kits (e.g. urine bottles) with instructions will be delivered directly to patients; self-test kits will also be collected from the patient’s doorstep once the sample has been provided. 

All in all, we designed the process to be as convenient, seamless and fuss-free as possible.


AA: Why did Quinn decide to work with DTAP Clinic?

JC: We want to deliver a high standard of care to all our patients, and we feel that this is best achieved by connecting our patients with doctors who are well-versed and experienced in our focus areas.

In addition, when more complex cases are encountered that require further follow-up and/or management that cannot be adequately addressed via a teleconsultation, we want to provide seamless, online-to-offline continuity of care for our patients and working with DTAP Clinic provides those options.

AA: Post-launch, what’s next for Quinn? Will there be an App or additional lifestyle health services which Quinn will look to address for its patients?

JC: Moving forward, we are constantly looking to expand the range of services that are currently offered by Quinn to meet the ever-changing demands of our patients. To this end, we aim to launch a Mental Health service soon to connect our patients with healthcare professionals such as clinical psychologists, counsellors and therapists.

Infographic and pictures provided by Quinn.