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Singlife and Doctor Anywhere Introduce Tailored Health Subscription Plan for Gig Workers

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In a significant move to address the healthcare needs of self-employed and gig workers, Singlife has partnered with Doctor Anywhere in Singapore. This partnership has led to the launch of DA Healthwise Plus, a flexible pay-per-use health subscription plan.

Bridging the Healthcare Gap for Gig Workers

The new subscription plan aims to fill a critical gap in coverage for this growing segment of the workforce. Many self-employed individuals, including freelancers and gig workers such as ride-hailing and food delivery drivers, often lack access to proper healthcare coverage compared to their employed counterparts.

Gig Workers

A survey by Singlife revealed that over half (53 percent) of gig workers do not have insurance to protect them from accidents and potential income loss.

DA Healthwise Plus is designed to bridge this gap by providing self-employed individuals with access to affordable healthcare and group personal accident coverage similar to those enjoyed by corporate employees.

Key Features of DA Healthwise Plus

According to Singlife, the plan offers several key features:

  • Panel rates at GP clinics: Members can consult a general practitioner (GP) for SGD 13 at over 300 partner clinics in Singapore, or from SGD 13 online via the Doctor Anywhere mobile app.
  • Group personal accident coverage: Members receive financial protection for unforeseen injuries, including daily hospital income (coverage of up to SGD 80 per day for a maximum of 30 days).
  • Specialist consultations over video call: Members can access consultations with specialists across various disciplines, starting from SGD 70 for a 45-minute session.
  • Pay-per-use flexibility: DA Healthwise Plus allows members to pay only for the healthcare services they utilise, eliminating the burden of ongoing payments.
  • 24/7 access through mobile app: The Doctor Anywhere app provides round-the-clock access to doctor consultations, appointment scheduling, wellness benefits, and locating partner clinics nearby.

A Cornerstone of Wellness XP Offerings

This collaboration is a cornerstone of our Wellness XP offerings designed specifically for Singapore’s gig workers. By integrating insurance with outpatient plans, we aim to make essential healthcare services and financial protection readily accessible to this community.

Varun Mittal, Head of Innovation & Ecosystem, Singlife, expressed his excitement about the partnership

The partnership is expected to benefit an estimated 310,000 self-employed individuals in Singapore, a rapidly growing segment of the nation’s workforce.

Our collaboration with Singlife reaffirms our dedication to enhancing the health and wellbeing of Singapore’s workforce. We’re filling a crucial gap for gig workers and self-employed individuals—providing them with the peace of mind they’ve been lacking regarding their health and financial security. Together, we aim to empower them with the support necessary to thrive in their work.

Kenneth Low, Vice President Commercial & Operations, Doctor Anywhere, echoed this sentiment

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