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The Resilience of Globally Mobile Workers Amid Rising Stress and Costs

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In an increasingly globalised world, the number of individuals choosing to live and work abroad is on the rise.

These globally mobile individuals are demonstrating remarkable resilience and adaptability, according to a recent study by Cigna Healthcare.

A New Breed of Global Workers

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The study, titled “Newcomer Needs – How the Globally Mobile Work and Live”, reveals that these individuals have an average vitality score of 71.7, compared to the overall average of 68. This score, based on eight dimensions of well-being (social, occupational, financial, intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental), is a comprehensive measure of people’s capacity to pursue life with health, strength, and energy.

Despite facing unique lifestyle and professional challenges that come with working and living abroad, these globally mobile individuals are not only surviving but thriving. They report higher levels of stress (86 percent compared to 80 percent among all respondents), yet they are more likely to exhibit better mental well-being (58 percent reporting excellent or very good mental well-being compared to the global average of 46 percent).

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The Secret to Their Success

So, what’s their secret? According to the study, their higher-than-average overall vitality is driven by social and occupational vitality. They are 10 percent more likely to build strong connections and 12 percent more energetic and enthusiastic at work. They also score highly in intellectual (value learning new things) and environmental vitality (know places they can go in which they feel safe and well).

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Most globally mobile individuals are satisfied with their relocation, but challenges persist. Financial difficulties, homesickness, work/life balance, and health-related issues are common challenges, with 77 percent encountering at least one challenge in the past six months.

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The Role of Employers

Employers play a crucial role in supporting these globally mobile employees. Aside from assistance with employment (40 percent) and housing (33 percent), healthcare support such as assistance with navigating the local healthcare system (28 percent) and advice on health insurance options (22 percent) are highly important to the globally mobile. Seven in 10 respondents wish they have more support from their employers to lead a healthier life.

By doing so, organisations not only help globally mobile employees lead healthier lives but also empower this unique workforce to thrive in their roles and contribute to organisational success.

Raymond Ng, CEO & Country Manager, Cigna Healthcare Singapore & Australia, emphasises the importance of robust support mechanisms

As the world continues to globalise, the number of globally mobile individuals is likely to increase. Understanding their needs and challenges will be key to ensuring their success and well-being.

All graphics credit to Cigna Healthcare and their Cigna Healthcare Vitality Study