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Solving for male pattern baldness and hair loss

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Rehair Lab develops natural-looking, non-surgical hair replacement product suitable for Singapore’s climate. Their solution is fast, effective, easy to maintain and non-surgical.

Balding is a rising phenomenon in Asia, with 14.1 percent of Asian men facing balding issues. Hair loss can be a heart-wrenching experience that about 85 percent of Caucasian men above 50 will have to come to terms at the mid-point of their lives and 25 percent of men suffer from hair loss before the age of 21.

Many men turn to hair transplants, wigs, hair fibre applications and herbal treatments to regain their crowning glory.

Can male pattern baldness be solved?

Rehair Lab – a Singapore-based company – set out to find a new solution for their frustrated clients that would be fast, effective, easy to maintain, and most importantly, non-surgical.

They experimented with the centuries-old wig making technology and combined them with newer clip-in hair extensions as alternative hair replacement solutions.

After trialing the solution with some customers in 2021, Rehair Lab officially formalised their programme into a Modern Hair Replacement System and launched in December 2021.

According to Rehair Lab, their Modern Hair Replacement System “…conceals bald spots with the application of a combination of an invisible base, natural hair, and modern ventilation methods to affected areas and styled according to each individual’s preferences.”

This solution is painless and instant and even provides a natural-looking hairline. Their clients enjoy freedom in hair styling (cut, colour, style, curl), while benefiting from the breathable and believably natural looking hair replacement.

male pattern baldness
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The Active Age discussed this Modern Hair Replacement System with Alex Ding, Co-founder, Rehair Lab.

the Active Age (AA): Why do you think there is a disparity in balding between caucasians and asians?

Alex Ding (AD): There is no disparity between Caucasians and Asians as hair loss and balding occur differently between individuals due to genetics, lifestyle, dietary, stress and (other factors).

AA: While Asians seem to be balding less (based on studies), do you observe the same trend at your studio?

AD: Not necessarily, there is still a sizable group of Asians facing hair loss issues and are seeking effective solutions to help them regain back their hair.

AA: What were some of the observations and insights from the Singapore market research?

AD: Singapore is a fast-paced society and the people are subjected to longer working hours and higher stress levels. Hence, the tendency for male hair loss will increase significantly.

AA: What was the thought process about experimenting with wigs, and updating/upgrading it with current hair innovations and technology?

AD: Many people are skeptical about wigs as users are easily identified if they are wearing it. A hair replacement headpiece (toupee) has numerous advantages. The headpieces are undetectable, natural looking, comfortable and more versatile in styling.

AA: What are some of the common challenges that people have about balding?

AD: Many of them tried serval methods to resolve their balding issues, such as medication, scalp treatment and even hair transplant. However, these methods do no guarantee results. Hence, the hair replacement system presents an excellent opportunity to resolve their balding issue and regain a full head of hair.

AA: What are some of the key (or common) questions that people ask about the Rehair Lab Modern Hair Replacement System?

AD: People commonly ask whether the hair replacement headpiece will fall off easily. Our reply is that the hair replacement headpiece is very secured onto the head and will not fall off easily, customers can exercise, swim and skydive with the headpiece on.

Another common question that people ask is whether the hair replacement headpiece is hard to maintain. Our reply is that the hair replacement headpiece is easy to maintain, users do not need to remove the headpiece on a daily basis, they can shower and style their hair as per normal.

AA: What does the system involve from the appointment, assessment, fitting, maintenance POV?

AD: Firstly, we need to assess the hair condition of the individual to determine the suitable headpiece the person should use.

Next will be fitting, each of the headpiece needs to be customised to the exact shape and size of the user.

After fitting the headpiece, the stylist will help to follow up with a haircut and styling to achieve the desired hairstyle.

The user would have to come back for a maintenance service of the headpiece every 3-4 weeks.

AA: Are there any activities that someone that has gone through the system should be aware of, or stop, for example, contact sports, sea sports?

AD: Users are recommended to avoid sun tanning as the heat from the sun may cause the adhesive tape to soften and dissolve at a faster rate.

Images provided by Rehair Lab