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Tempur introduces ACTIVEbreeze bed system for better Sleep

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The ACTIVEbreeze bed system allows heat and humidity to be cycled out, providing better sleep through a cooler environment.

TEMPUR studies show that a cooler sleep environment is a contributing factor to a better night’s rest. The company has introduced a new innovation – the ACTIVEbreeze bed system.

This system features premium cooling technologies that allow heat and humidity to be cycled out of the mattress. TEMPUR’s proprietary new ACTIVEbreeze bed system was designed and tailored for a complete and restful sleep, especially in tropical and humid environments.

This deluxe bedding system features patent-pending ActiveAir Technology. The technology featurs a fully integrated and customisable cooling sleep system, driven by ultra-quiet fans in the base that push filtered air
through ventilated layers of TEMPUR Materials. These fans can be controlled to different levels of intensity, with various modes such as the
Fan Sync Mode and Step-Down Mode.

The ACTIVEbreeze bed system allows for flexible zone adjustment and pre-set positions (such as a Zero-G position, anti-snore position and TV in bed position) to relief pressure off the lower back, prevent snoring and ensure a healthy sleep posture. The bed also comes with a vibration massage function, with varied intensities.

We spoke with TEMPUR for a better understanding of the innovation and technologies featured in the ACTIVEbreeze bed system.

the Active Age (AA): Does TEMPUR have any insights about the challenges that their customers face leading to poor sleep habits or outcomes?

TEMPUR: Due to lifestyle and habits, we find that many people experience aches and pains when they wake up in the morning once they reach a certain age. Common problem areas include the neck, shoulders, and lower back. These problems can be further aggravated if they use a pillow and mattress which do not provide the support that they need. Tempur’s range of ergonomic pillows and mattresses are built to provide support and pressure relief in various sleeping positions.

AA: How is TEMPUR supporting better sleep for their customers?

TEMPUR: Tempur mattresses and pillows are made to help you sleep better, longer, deeper. Tempur Material was born from NASA technology. First used to cushion and absorb G-force during space flights, it is now used in Tempur’s range of bedding solutions to help improve sleep all around the world. Tempur Material instantly respond to your body’s shape, weight and warmth, and precisely adapts to every inch of you. Its proven pressure relief gives your body total comfort and support, helping you to drift off faster and helps to reduce your tossing and turning. It also absorbs motion from your partner so you are less likely to disturb one another.

AA: Why is there a focus by ACTIVEbreeze and ACTIVEAir on cooling sleep, and removing heat and humidity?

TEMPUR: When we look at the relationship between cooler sleep environments and quality sleep, we found that the temperature under the covers matters – it is one of the key factors to faster, deeper sleep. But it is also hard to control in a traditional mattress and bed frame set up. Hence the ACTIVEbreeze bed system was born. Its ActiveAir Technology is a fully integrated and customizable cooling sleep system, driven by ultra-quiet fans in the base that push filtered air through ventilated layers of our exclusive TEMPUR Materials. As everyone sleeps differently, the fans on each side and individually controllable, so you can easily customise the sleep environment for your side of the bed.

AA: According to TEMPUR, what is the optimal set-up for good sleep?

TEMPUR: Good sleep means waking up feeling refresh and well-rested, free from aches and pains. Apart from having a good mattress and pillow that supports you well, making the environment you sleep in conducive also contributes. For instance setting the room to a comfortable temperature and keeping it in low-light conditions. Not using electronic devices in your bed within the hour before your bedtime also helps your body wind down for better sleep.

Images credit to TEMPUR