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The Desk That does Everything Except Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

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Motorised, height-adjustable desks may seem like a fad that’s a little too expensive just to see if it fits into your lifestyle, but now with Omnidesk, you can enjoy the experience of a flexible desktop without the massive price tag.

Omnidesk is a brainchild of Aftershock PC, which is best known for their highly customisable laptops and desktops. While they are more well-known in gaming circles, their product lineup is quite distinctive for their value proposition. Omnidesk aims to bring the same benefits to its line of high-tech desks: multiple customisable options coupled with bang for your buck. Prices start from just S$630, which is far less than what’s typically available on the market. It also comes with a three-year warranty.

The desks are available in two shapes: the regular Omnidesk and the Omnidesk Pro, which features an ergonomic curve. As of now, you can choose between black and white but a bamboo finish will be an available option in a month’s time. The black and white options also feature a micro-texture finish that effectively turns the entire table into a mousepad.

But the main draw of the Omnidesk is that it is height-adjustable, thanks to built-in, silent motors, which enable the Omnidesk to be used in a variety of settings – it can be used as a standing desk (maximum height 130cm) or set as low as 65cm if want to game or watch movies while on the floor. There are four memory presets so that every, if not most family members can have their own preset height setting that can be activated instantly.

Options include mounted speakers, dual-monitor arms for tidy dual screen setups; a computer case can be mounted underneath the table top, while the wires can be concealed in a cable tray and while hidden charging hubs lets you charge your devices and yet not stick out like a sore thumb when not in use. And if anyone in your family is into gaming, chances are they’ll like the remote-controlled LED ambience lights too.

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