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Rose Tea Benefits for Your Health

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Learn about the wonders of rose tea and how it can benefit your health

Have you always been a tea enthusiast?

If you want to switch away from citrus tea, why not consider rose tea for a change?

Did you know that rose petals have healing properties that other teas don’t have?

Roses were used as ancient medicine to treat various sicknesses including abdominal pains, chest pains, menstrual bleeding and other issues.

Here are some rose tea benefits that you’ll surely love:

1. Healthy and Young-Looking Skin
Rose petals are effective in treating skin conditions as they are rich in anti-oxidative and anti-bacterial properties. Believe it or not, it can also cure acne by drinking rose tea on a regular basis. Keep your skin hydrated by washing your face with rose tea, and clear out your skin.

2. Rich in Vitamin C
Boost your immune system with rose petal tea since it is rich in vitamin C, making it your go-to hot beverage when you’re feeling under the weather or having the unwanted colds and flu. Keep in mind that vitamin C is important for your health to keep you away from sickness.

3. Good for Heavy Periods
If you have irregular periods, you may want to drink rose tea as it helps relieves the pain, eventually regulating the heaviness of the flow. Feel free to add honey and black pepper powder if you want to decongest the blood flow.

4.Good for Bowel Movement
Rose tea has detoxifying properties, making it a natural laxative for constipation. However, it can also cure diarrhea and good for people who are suffering from liver ailments.

5. Great for Weight Loss
You should know by now that there is no miracle tea out there that would instantly burn all your calories in one day. However, drinking rose tea is a healthier alternative to keep you away from the usual sugary drinks. It will help you avoid binge eating as it relieves your hunger pangs at the same time.



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