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Top tips on maintaining your apartment

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Moving into an apartment is an incredibly exciting time. It’s a time for you to settle into your own space and become independent, in addition to learning about what goes into maintaining your apartment.

Whether you have signed a lease, or purchased the property itself, having your own property will bring you not only a lot of freedom, but present new challenges. It’s important that you not only utilise this space, but also keep it clean and comfortable.

Here are some of the top tips shared by We Buy Any House on how to maintain your apartment.

Set up utilities

A few days before you move in, it’s important to call utility services and providers to make sure everything is installed correctly – from cable, internet, water, electricity, and security systems. It’s important to find out when these things can be set up, and how early- as the earlier things get done the easier it will be when you move in.

Figure out the mail situation

There’s no bigger pet peeve than ordering things offline or expecting mail that never arrives. One of the biggest flaws of living in a high-rise building is the off-chance chance that your parcel or letter may end up in the wrong hands. It’s important to find out where your mail will be delivered. Whether that’s through an individual slot in your door or to the mailboxes located in the communal area.

Get a spare set of keys made

You may think it’s unnecessary now, but if you ever lose your keys then you’ll be grateful you got a spare set cut. Even if you don’t hold onto them yourself, it’s a good idea to give them to a trusted family member or friend in case of an emergency.

Get a Toolbox:

You may think that you don’t need one, but we can assure you that having a toolbox in your apartment is an absolute necessity. Even if it is just a small toolbox with a few pieces of equipment, this could save you a lot of hassle in a time of crisis. Invest in a hammer, wrench, screwdrivers and plungers so you can take care of all the little inconveniences that occur in your apartment.

Make a Cleaning Caddy and Routine

Once you live on your own, it’s important that you keep on top of your apartment’s cleanliness. Put together a cleaning caddy, filled with bleach, wipes, dusters and other cleaning essentials such as a hoover. Then, it is important to dedicate time to cleaning. Although you may have time to do a quick tidy around each day, you should set aside dedicated time as to when you can give your apartment a deep clean.

maintaining your apartment
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Find out how to get rid of your trash

Many high-rise buildings have chutes – whether located inside your apartment or a shared one on your floor – for convenient disposal of trash. There might also be days when the trash removal services also pick up recyclables. It’s a good idea to find out what day things are picked up, whether regular rubbish to recycling. This way you can avoid having too much rubbish in your apartment, which will lead to lack of hygiene. Give a friendly hello to a neighbour and enquire about trash removal.

Replace smoke detector batteries

As soon as you have moved into your new place and got all your belongings sorted, the next step is to replace smoke detector batteries with new ones. It’s imperative that your smoke alarms are in working order, especially when you live in an apartment.

Figure out inspection days

Some buildings have regular inspection and even days set aside for drills such as fire, or flooding. It’s important that little things such as fire alarms and plumbing are checked at regular intervals, to not only ensure your safety throughout your stay, but also that no fines are handed to you due to property negligence. By creating a calendar that schedules in and makes note of when inspections are going to take place, you can get appliances and installations checked using periodical checking.