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Livinguard reaffirms effectiveness of mask against viruses and bacteria

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Indian National Institute (NII) of Immunology test confirms each layer of the Livinguard mask had an average of more than 99 percent effectiveness against viruses and bacteria

The wearing of masks as an effective deterrent against the COVID-19 virus looks set to continue worldwide, as economies race to reach vaccination targets or an endemic stage in order to re-open.

Fully vaccinated people are encouraged by the World Health Organisation to continue wearing masks in all public spaces, indoors and out. This is aligned with mask mandates adopted by many countries such as Singapore.

Livinguard developed protective face masks with antiviral and antibacterial properties. The company recently did submitted their technology for a Indian National Institute (NII) of Immunology test. The results proved that each layer of the Livinguard mask had an average of more than 99 percent effectiveness against viruses and bacteria.

We discussed the Livinguard technology, test and tips on best use with Mr Koh Wee Hong, Senior Regional Marketing Manager of Livinguard Asia.

the Active Age (AA): What are some of the customer behaviour changes Livinguard has observed as Singapore and Asia has dealt with the pandemic challenge and as we move into a more endemic environment?

Mr Koh Wee Hong (KWH): Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working closely with our manufacturers to ensure our supply of masks meets the demand of consumers in Singapore and the wider Asia Pacific region.

As we move into a more endemic environment of living with the COVID-19 virus, we have seen consumers looking for a safe mask that continuously protects them and their loved ones.

In 2020, we sold over 20 million masks globally, and we continue to see interest and business growth this year in Singapore and the region. While we cannot share any specific numbers, we can say that we have grown our business in Singapore and are grateful for the trust customers place in us and Livinguard’s products.

While masks are one of our core products, Livinguard has also extended the usage of our technology to countless textiles, materials, and surfaces. We recently launched our self-disinfecting T-shirts and polo’s, which are also odor neutralizing 24/7, and have seen interest from local customers in them.

AA: How does Livinguard’s technology work?

KWH: Livinguard’s revolutionary technology makes use of the ability of polycationic surfaces to destroy microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and several types of fungi, and to do so without leaching.

In other words, the protein of the virus/bacteria/fungi is negatively charged and it can be overpowered when it comes into contact with a strong enough positively charged textile.

Textiles treated with Livinguard’s technology have a 7×10^17 positive charge per square centimeter, which overpowers the virus/bacteria/fungi’s cell walls, rendering it inactive.

Viruses/bacteria/fungi that are inactivated have their cell walls or envelopes disrupted, and will eventually disintegrate and fall off the mask, disabling them from infections or spreading.

This entire process is entirely harmless to humans. Unlike other reusable mask manufacturers, Livinguard does not use use any chemicals or toxic metals such as silver or copper, making the mask safe for wearers.

AA: Can you share more about the NII test – what and how did they test for efficacy?

KWH: The effectiveness of Livinguard’s technology was tested over time for each layer of the masks, with results continuing to demonstrate 99.9 percent deactivation of bacteria and viruses in each layer of the mask.

AA: What are some tips for best use of the Livinguard masks? 

KWH: We offer a combination of masks that suit the different needs and situations of the wearer.

For example, the PRO mask would be best in a high risk or infectious environment, while the STREET mask is suitable for everyday use that allows breathability and protection. The FITNESS mask also provides sufficient breathability and protection during strenuous exercise.

Masks made with Livinguard technology mask can be washed up to 30 times, and need only be washed once a week using just water and no detergent.

If worn daily and washed weekly, the mask can be used up to seven months or 210 days, after which the efficacy will reduce with each wash. As such, we recommend consumers to replace their mask after the 30 washes are up to ensure the highest level of antiviral and antibacterial performance.

Feature picture credit: Livinguard