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Livinguard launches antiviral and antimicrobial masks in Singapore

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Singapore residents can buy Livinguard masks from Lazada and Shopee to stay protected.

Livinguard masks are made with patented and permanent hygiene technology that imparts a strong positive charge to the textile surface. These masks provide multi-barrier protection, with each textile layer coated with Livinguard’s Antiviral Technology. When microbes come in contact with the textile, the negatively charged microbial cell walls are destroyed, leading to permanent destruction of the microorganism.

These masks can be reused multiple times before washing, as the fabric continuously captures and destroys microorganisms with no compromise on safety or efficacy.

The masks are also durable and sustainable since they can be used up to 210 times, when used daily and washed weekly as recommended.

Researchers from the Free University of Berlin have demonstrated that textiles treated with Livinguard Technology can destroy >99.9% of SARS-CoV-2. These scientific results follow similar findings from The University of Arizona, Tucson for efficacy against HCoV-229e. \


Livinguard has created multiple mask lines called STREET, PRO and ULTRA. The masks come in four colors – black, blue, green and red, and are available from SGD 23 to SGD 47 each (GST inclusive).


Masks are available online at: