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Virgin Active spearheads Better Sundays initiative

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Better Sundays by Virgin Active supports homegrown Singaporean businesses by bringing together local brands featuring a diverse range of activewear, products and healthy foods.

Virgin Active Singapore has launched Better Sundays, a marketplace to champion and support local businesses.

The event will be held at Virgin Active Raffles Place, only on Sundays, until 3 September from 11am to 5pm.

Virgin Active

Better Sundays will serve as a dedicated space for a diverse selection of activewear, innovative products and healthy food brands to showcase and sell their products. Participating business include a diverse lineup of brands such as Cheak, Cocoonese, FitMonkie, GlowCo., and Sigi Skin. They will offer trendy activewear and innovative beauty products empowering fitness enthusiasts to sustainable food options promoting conscious consumption.

Better Sundays is an example of Virgin Active’s commitment to creating a space where local businesses can thrive. It offers members and the broader community opportunities to explore products and services they might not be aware of, or are new to.

This initiative seeks to fosters a sense of togetherness among like-minded individuals who share a passion for health, wellness and sustainability, while supporting local entrepreneurship.

Building an inclusive community is at the heart of Virgin Active’s values and we are thrilled to offer a platform for homegrown brands to feature their products and connect through their passion for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Through Better Sundays at Virgin Active, we aim to inspire positive connections, support local entrepreneurship, and redefine active living.

Julien Bera, Country Director of Virgin Active Singapore

Image credit to Virgin Active Singapore.