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Walk for Mental Wellness with the Caregivers Alliance

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Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) has launched their first fundraising campaign for 2021, Walk for Mental Wellness.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about mental health and to highlight the challenges of caregiving for people with mental health issues.

How to participate in the campaign?

The campaign brings together mental wellness champions and advocates who will rally the public to donate towards their walk. Donors can channel their donations to the Mental Wellness (MW) Champion of their choice. Every SGD 100 raised converts into 1km for their MW Champion to walk or run in order to match the total donation amount raised for them. The MW Champion will complete their walk or run between 17 April to 6 May.

The line-up of MW champions features personalities and organisations who have been strong advocates for mental wellness in Singapore. The campaign will also highlight the range of services offered by the champions so that the public is better informed of what help and resources are available. Some of these MW champions include:

  • Speaker of Parliament Mr Tan Chuan-Jin
  • MP of Bukit Batok Mr Murali Pillai
  • Ex-Nominated MP Ms Anthea Ong
  • CEO of KTPH Prof Chua Hong Choon
  • CAL’s Co-Founder Dr Tan Weng Mooi
  • CAL’s first Board Chairman, Mr Hsieh Fu Hua
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Through this campaign, we wish to shine the spotlight on caregiving, with the aim to enable greater empathy for our ‘Hidden Heroes’. We hope our efforts contribute towards destigmatising the topic of mental illness, and move us towards a place of inclusivity, understanding and acceptance of people with mental health issues and the people caring for them

Tim Lee, CAL’s Executive Director

Can I nominate friends to participate?

For donors that wish to participate or to nominate a friend to take part, they can choose to make make a donation (and select a MW Champion) but also tag a friend on social media (using the hashtag #W4MWChallenge) to inform them that they’ve been nominated to walk. The friend will walk 1km, after which they can nominate the next person.

How to donate?

Donation mechanics and more information about the campaign can be found at the website.