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A Twist To The Classic Tumbler

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Fans of the classic whisky tumbler rejoice: there’s now one that can double up as a nosing glass.

And it’s all thanks to Denver Cramer and Liely Faulkner, a pair of designers from Melbourne. Sharing a common love for whisky as well as design work, the intrepid pair had a good feeling about their whisky tumbler experiment and decided to produce them for sale.

Despite their optimism, they were half-expecting a ready stockpile of glasses to give away as Christmas presents, only to receive a genuine surprise: the glasses sold out quickly, and were proving to be rather popular. The D&L glass has been well-received since its introduction, and in a test done by Sydney Morning Herald, the it was scored well by the panel of judges.

D&L glass

The D&L glass retails for AUD50, and while cheap compared to fancy cut crystal glasses, it’s rather expensive for a nosing glass. However, it is versatile: it can be used for nosing, as a classic tumbler filled with ice, or as a cocktail glass.

According to Cramer, the D&L glass was designed to be functional: “If you’re into (fancy) glasses then buy a crystal tumbler but if you’re into whisky then buy our glass, because that’s what it’s all about – the whole thing is led by function and not by form. It’s designed to make your whisky taste better and that’s it.”

You can get the D&L whisky glass from here.

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