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Take DrinkAid to curb unpleasant after-effects of drinking alcohol

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DrinkAid’s supplement is 100 percent made of natural ingredients, and can be your body’s most complete line of defence after drinking alcohol.

Singapore-based startup, DrinkAid, launched their ‘alcohol symptom recovery’ supplement in 2020. The product was conceptualised to help with their own experiences with the Asian Flush and other unpleasant effects after social drinking sessions.

DrinkAid is made of natural ingredients and contains herbs and antioxidants, including Japanese Resin Tree extract, Pyrogltamic Acid, Succinic Acid, Ginger extract, S-Acetyle Glutathione, Vitamins B1, B6 and C, and Black Pepper extract. The supplement reduces acetaldehyde levels within the body systems, and was made post R&D with research laboratories in Singapore.

The supplement’s effectiveness varies from person to person. According to DrinkAid, taking the supplement before drinking can increases alcohol tolerance and reduces nausea, headaches and facial flushing. Taking the supplement post drinks can help individuals sober up faster and reduces the morning-after side effects.

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Image credit: DrinkAid

DrinkAid has an official white paper where it shares about what happens when an individual drinks, and how the body processes acetaldehyde. The white paper also shares information about the ingredients within the supplement.

Availability and pricing

DrinkAid is sold in boxes. Each box contains 12 capsules packaged in 6 sachets and retails at SGD 19.90.

The supplement can be found online or at the following establishments: Pasarbella @ Suntec, Bar Bar, Ikigai Izakaya Riverwalk, Malts, The Cooperage, Bodacious, Shrimp Prawn Seafood, Mirage – The Parlour, Grapevine, The Drunken Poet and The Hidden Pipe.