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Forget the Juice Box: Hydrate with Fruit-Infused Water

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Quick and easy tips on how to make good-for-health fruit-infused water

Do you find it hard to stay hydrated? Best to put more effort into this simple action. Water is your body’s source of life as it helps to flush toxins out of the body.

If you are looking to increase your water intake the easy way, consider drinking fruit-infused water as an alternative.

What Is Infused Water?

Some call it detox water and it can be a combination of herbs, vegetables and fruits immersed in water. It doesn’t have calories, making it an effective tool for better health and weight loss.

It is a great hydration treat to keep you going throughout the day since you can refill your tumbler over and over while still maintaining the flavour of fruits and herbs used for the water. 

Why Fruit–infused Water?

Fruit infused water is beneficial to your health as it makes the act of drinking more enjoyable. Instead of drinking juice filled with sugar, infusing fruits will give you that sweet taste without the extra calories.

You’ll also get a daily dose of antioxidants and vitamins through your infused water.  Antioxidants can help protect the body from damage as they contribute to detoxing the body from harmful agents.

A fruit water detox also helps to improve your mood, keeping you from feeling drowsy during the afternoon. If you want to cut back on your junk food addiction, drinking fruit infused water will fill you up and help with the food cravings.

For those who are working out, it also keeps your organs healthy as you sweat. According to research, it helps you recuperate faster after hitting the gym.

Easy Fruit Infused Water Recipes

  • Lemon Water: Simply add a few slices of lemon in your water and let it sit for a few minutes. You can also add hot water with a teaspoon of honey in replacement for tea.
  • Cucumber, Raspberry and Grape: Add them altogether and it is a great cancer-fighting drink as they flush out toxins effectively since they have anti-inflammatory properties and cleansing compounds.
  • Strawberry and lime: This jam-packed drink is filled with anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties perfect for restoring your skin, hair and nails.



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