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Herbalife Nutrition finds top unhealthy habits consumers to drop in 2023

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Herbalife Nutrition released its Asia Pacific Personal Habits Survey revealing that 70 percent of consumers in Singapore want to drop unhealthy lifestyle habits developed during the pandemic.

Seven out of 10 consumers in Singapore want to kick unhealthy lifestyle habits they developed during the pandemic.

The top three unhealthy habits that consumers are looking to break in 2023 include: not exercising regularly (54 percent), not getting adequate sleep (51 percent) and eating an unbalanced diet (50 percent).

As it turns out, Singapore recorded quite a high percentage of consumers gaining excess weight during the pandemic compared to other countries in the APAC region. It is never too late to swap out unhealthy habits for healthier ones because even though it can be a challenge, it is possible with discipline, motivation, and supportive network.

Jilson Ang, General Manager at Herbalife Nutrition, Singapore

The survey also revealed that excess weight gain, poorer stamina or fitness levels and a weaker immune system are the most common negative impacts resulting from the unhealthy lifestyle habits adopted in the last two years.

Among those who reported gaining excess weight, over half of Singapore consumers (55 percent) put on three to five kilograms and 22 percent of consumers gained between six to 10 kilograms; mostly attributed excess weight gain to the following main reasons:

  • Eating too much unhealthy food (65 percent)
  • Not exercising or being less active (58 percent)
  • Binge-eating due to stress (46 percent)
  • Not getting enough sleep (36 percent)

What are the unhealthy habits Singapore consumers are looking to make in their lifestyle?

Dietary/nutrition: 68 percent of consumers picked up unhealthy dietary/nutrition habits during the pandemic, with incessant snacking (35 percent) topping the list of bad eating habits, followed by 25 percent eating at irregular intervals and skipping meals.

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Exercise: 58 percent of Singapore consumers admitted that they had stopped exercising or become less active. Many of them attributed it to the lack of motivation as they were preoccupied with anxieties arising from with the pandemic.

Sleep: On average, more than half of Singaporeans (57 percent) – mostly Gen Z and Millennials, said their sleep was affected, such as having irregular sleeping patterns (24 percent) or trouble falling asleep (24 percent), citing stress as the main reason.

Stress: 79 percent of Singapore consumers expressed that they feel overwhelmed by stress during the pandemic.

What are the positive lifestyle changes consumers are looking to make in 2023?

86 percent intend to make positive lifestyle changes in the next 12 months, focusing on improving both physical and mental health.

Healthy habits they plan to adopt include:

  • Eating more nutritious foods (58%)
  • Being more consciously active (55%)
  • Developing an exercise regime (55%)
  • Finding ways to destress (47%)
  • Starting a regular sleep schedule (46%)
  • Taking nutritional supplements (25%)
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Herbalife Nutrition’s Asia Pacific Personal Habits Survey was conducted in August 2022 and polled 5,500 consumers aged 18 and above in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. It aimed to uncover the changes to lifestyle behaviours of consumers in the region since the start of the pandemic, and the unhealthy habits that they plan to kick in the next 12 months.

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