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Stop snacking on unhealthy cravings

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Here’s how to eat clean for your health and wellness

With the long weekend coming up, you may want to “spruce up” your regular diet and start making wiser choices in terms of health and fitness.

Choosing what to eat is definitely one of the hardest decisions we have to make each day. If we wake up on the right side of the bed, you’ll be more driven to eat healthy foods instead of snacking on the bad ones. However, this doesn’t happen most of the time. We tend to resort to foods rich in fat and sugar just to make us feel better during the day. Little did we know that our body doesn’t feel that good right after giving in to our bad food cravings.

To help you out, here are some tips to help you with your snacking habit:

1. Meal Prep
Have you heard of busy stay at home moms spending their Sundays for meal preparations? Doing this gives them more time with their family during the week. It’s all about planning what you will eat during the week and cooking or preparing them in advance. If you’re a single, this shouldn’t be so difficult as you can toss salads and put them in containers that will last you during the week.

There are a lot of meal prep recipes out there that can help you out. The key to meal preparation is dedication and the discipline to eat right. Once you have something ready in the fridge every time it’s meal time, you won’t be having any reason to eat out or get a to-go anytime of the day.

2. Eat Healthy Foods
Fight binge eating by keeping yourself full with whole foods like fruits and vegetables. These are rich in fiber, allowing your body not to feel hungry after a short period of time. It’s better to snack on healthy foods rather than buying sweet treats like candy bars, donuts, etc. You’ll notice that your body won’t feel good right after eating junk foods once you’re used to your new healthy diet routine.

3. Get Rid of Junk Foods
Of course, keep yourself away from temptation by cleaning your food pantry. Get rid of unhealthy snacks from your office, work station, room or anywhere around the house where you usually spend your free time. It’ll be harder to fight your cravings if you still keep sugary snacks or fatty foods in your environment. Replace them with healthier alternatives such as vegetable sticks, nuts, yogurt and fiber bars.



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