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Lose Weight by Eating Fruits

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Find out how you can shed weight or maintain a healthy one with fruits

Losing weight is definitely the harder path to take. And it’s important not to take short cuts on the way to a healthier lifestyle. Instead of depriving yourself of food, why not eat those food that can help you lose weight?

Here are some fruits you may want to start snacking on:

Watermelon has always been considered as the go-to-fruit for weight loss. Since it has almost 90% water content, it only serves up about 30 calories. This sweet watery treat is also rich in arginine, an amino acid which helps burn fat. It is a great snack to keep you hydrated and satiated for a long time, helping you avoid eating on a binge.

This fruit is filled with vitamin C, folic acid and potassium, making it a powerhouse for heart health. At the same time, it has rich pectin content that helps fight atherosclerosis. You may want to get the pink and red varieties to help protect arterial walls from oxidative damage.

Besides reducing your cancer risk, apples can help you keep a healthy heart, whiter teeth, better immune system and beat diarrhea and constipation. This fruit only contains 50 calories and doesn’t have any fat or sodium. Eat an apple right before your meal to keep yourself full before digging in.

This power snack fruit only has 105 calories a piece, making it an instant source of energy and excellent post-workout food. At the same time, bananas keep your blood pressure in check, beat muscle cramps, reduce acidity and fight constipation.

If you’re following a healthy diet plan, include oranges in it since this fruit only has 47g of calories, helping you curb any junk food cravings.



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