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Eye Mo Returns to Singapore Shelves

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Generations of Singaporeans are familiar with the brand Eye Mo

It was an established brand of eye drops that we often reached out to keep our eyes in comfort.

Three years ago, Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) had ceased the distribution of Eye Mo products in Singapore. Early this year, Eye Mo has returned with enhanced features including product authentication to provide  eye care for consumers.

Eye Mo in Singapore comes in two types: Eye Mo Moist and Eye Mo Regular. Both variants are safe for use on children aged 3 years and above. Eye Mo relieves minor eye irritations such as red eyes, sore eyes, fatigued eyes and allergies.

Two types: Moist and Regular

eye mo

Eye Mo Moist is particularly useful for those who are highly exposed to gadgets, or spend long hours in air-conditioned places. It is an eye lubricant developed to gently moisturise, refresh and comfort dry and tired eyes. It was the first of the two variants to be relaunched earlier in February 2017.


Eye Mo Regular is formulated to relieve minor eye irritations and will be on shelves by end of the year. It is helpful for those suffering from itchy eyes or allergies. Eye Mo Regular is a more suitable choice for eye discomfort caused by hazy weather.

Added feature for authenticity assurance

The relaunch of Eye Mo comes with an added feature for authenticity assurance. Each product has a serialised Scratch & Authenticate sticker that contains a QR code for consumers to verify the authenticity of the product. Once the stick is scratched, users would be able to see a QR code. When scanned, users will be led to a landing page that confirms the authenticity of the product if the Eye Mo product was genuine. Each QR code can only be scanned up to three times. Consumers are also advised to ensure that the seal of the Eye Mo bottle is unbroken and un-tampered with before use.


Consumers can get both Eye Mo Moist and Eye Mo Regular at over a thousand stores across leading pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience stores, mini-marts and medical halls. Eye Mo Moist (7.5ml) is retailing at S$5.90 while Eye Mo Regular (7.5ml) is priced at S$4.90.



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