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Get Fuller Hair With Hairdreams

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Hairdreams Singapore offers three of its unique, patented technologies to help turn thinning hair into a full healthy head of hair.

Tired of wigs and hair extensions to cover your scalp? Here’s some good news for you. Austrian brand, Hairdreams has made its debut in Singapore last year to offer semi-permanent hair creations without the limitations that temporary solutions often pose.

With the brand’s unique Hair Creations System, you can achieve your desired hair length and volume in just less than two hours, and not have to worry about wanting to scratch your itchy scalp or change your hairstyle. You can even tease, perm or blow-dry your hair into other hairstyles of your liking.

Find out which of the three Hairdreams technologies is most suitable for your needs:

Intelligent Hair Skin

Intelligent Hair Skin is an innovative system which involves attaching a breathable fabric with hand-selected and high quality hairs to create a natural resulting look. Perfect for those with thinning hair, the Intelligent Hair Skin fabric can either be integrated permanently or attached with clips by hand.

Intelligent Hair Skin thickens and lengthens natural hair at the crown and is great especially for ladies who want to try out different hairstyles involving long hair, partings or bangs. With the guidance of a professional at the Hairdreams salon, you can enjoy the flexibility of removal and reattachment as and when required. Alternatively, you can also opt to incorporate the fabric permanently to your hair by Bonding Ring Technology.

Intelligent Hair Skin lasts for about six to eight months.

Intelligent Hair Matrix

Intelligent Hair Matrix is designed for those with more severe hair thinning problems and helps to cover bald patches. It involves hand weaving micro-thin ‘invisible’ threads attached to high quality real human hair to your own hair. The colour, structure and length of hair can be customised to suit your preference.

Regain confidence with Intelligent Hair Matrix  as it helps to cover up bald patches and promises to give you natural-looking, voluminous hair. Intelligent Hair Matrix-thickened hair will hold even when doing sports and is great for those who are active.

However, due to natural hair growth, Intelligent Hair Matrix has to be reattached to the head after four to six weeks.


Crown is great for those who want to achieve more volume at the crown and have the option of adding trendy highlights to their hair. Micro-thin, barely visible threads with premium quality hair attached are incorporated permanently by hand to the top of your hair via the Bonding Ring technique, to create a natural, voluminous look for women suffering from thinning hair.

You can select from a range of hair colours to add immediate highlights to your hair. Best of all, the highlighting is done very gently with no chemicals, serving as an easier and healthier option even for those with damaged hair.

Crown lasts for about six to eight months.

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