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NICORETTE® Quickmist: Helping smokers quit.

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NICORETTE® Quickmist is part of the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) format that can start to relieve cravings from 30 seconds and increases the effectiveness of quitting successfully by 2.5x.

NICORETTE® debuts its latest Nicotine Replacement Therapy solution – NICORETTE® QuickMist, a portable, handheld mouth spray designed to start relieving cravings from 30 seconds (1) , making it 2.5x (2) more effective at helping smokers quit successfully.

Suitable for cutting down gradually and quitting abruptly, NICORETTE® QuickMist is equipped with a mechanical spray pump to deliver 1mg of nicotine per spray.

It is designed for nicotine to be rapidly absorbed through the lining of the mouth with each spray, allowing a faster onset of relief for cravings and other withdrawal symptoms experienced when quitting.

We want to raise the awareness towards the ecosystem of quit aids, like Nicotine Replacement Therapy, and support available that can help our consumers stick to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Stephen Tiu, Country General Manager Malaysia and Singapore from NICORETTE®, Johnson & Johnson Singapore.

What is NRT?

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is an established and effective treatment for smoking (Tobacco) dependence. It aims to deliver nicotine with the intent to replace the nicotine obtained from tobacco products. This reduces the severity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms, allowing the tobacco users to focus on the psychosocial aspects of quitting tobacco use.

Dr. Paranchothy Premila MD, Medical Affairs Director for Johnson & Johnson Singapore shares more about NRT, how does it work and what are some steps to take in order to quit smoking in this article.

Availability and pricing of NICORETTE® QuickMist and NICORETTE® Invisi Transdermal Patch

The product is available island wide at local pharmacies, (including Guardian, Watsons and Unity) or under a doctor’s prescription.


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