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Philips launches new products to help with indoor air pollutants

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Studies have shown that the indoor air can be 10 times more polluted than air found outdoors. Philips has launched several new products that can help provide real-time feedback on indoor air quality and eliminate pollutants.

Philips patented AeraSense™ technology promises the accuracy and performance of a professional sensor in detecting harmful airborne particles. There are three modes including:

  • Pollution mode: Helps to remove particles and gases from daily activities like cooking or cleaning your home. 
  • Bacteria & Virus mode: Removes 99.9% bacteria and virus within 30 minutes, helping tackle illnesses such as the common cold and flu.
  • Allergen mode: Detects airborne allergens in your home and acts quickly to remove them from the air.

All three modes are enabled by VitaShield IPS (Intelligent Purification System) technology. This technology can effectively remove particles such as harmful gases like TVOC, most common airborne allergens, as well as up to 99.97% of particles, all eliminated without using harsh chemicals. The Philips Air Purifier Series 2000 is a chemical-free way to remove pollutants without emitting ozone gas, plasma, harmful substances or any other toxic by-products.

The Air Purifier Series 2000 comes in two models – AC2882/30 (RRP: S$599.00) and AC2887/30 (RRP: S$699.00) – and is available at leading electronics stores, major department stores, hypermarkets and selected authorised dealers.



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