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Pizza Hut Singapore launches all-new San Francisco style sourdough crust

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San Francisco style sourdough crust offers a lighter, airer and tastier crust and is handcrafted daily.

Sourdough bread uses a starter that is made of a mixture of water and flour that grows a population of wild yeast. The yeast produces lactic acid that serves up the distinctive tangy taste.

Studies have found that sourdough bread is a source of antioxidants, and might even contribute to a lower risk of certain types of cancer.

What can we expect from Pizza Hut’s San Francisco style sourdough crust?

The San Francisco style sourdough crust has a lighter, airer and tastier crust. The sourdough-based crust is freshly handcrafted daily, with a longer preparation process and proofing. After preparation, it is meant to be crisp on the outside and airy soft on the inside.

San Francisco style sourdough
Sourdough crust

We are excited to launch this new sourdough crust as we understand that consumer demand for handcrafted pizzas with distinctive crusts is on the rise. This new offering provides the best of both worlds – the familiar Pizza Hut flavours that consumers love, perfectly complemented with a tastier crust.

Jayss Rajoo, Head of Marketing and Food Innovation at Pizza Hut Singapore

Available for a limited time, both for dine-in and delivery

Pizza Hut is offering various options for dine-in, covering 2 to 4 person meals and which range from SGD 18.90 to SGD 38.90. The 2 person meal includes 1 Regular San Francisco Sourdough Pizza (Classic), paired with 2 portions of Soup of the Day and 2 soft drinks.

San Francisco style sourdough

Delivery deals range from SGD 14.90 for a 2-person meal to SGD 19.50 for a 4/5-person meal. The larger meal includes 1 Regular San Francisco Sourdough Pizza (Favourite/Classic), and 1 Regular Pizza (Favourite/Classic) available in San Francisco Style Sourdough or Pan crust.

Orders can be made through the Pizza Hut mobile app available for download on iOS and Android.

Images credit to Pizza Hut