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Why kids should drink more water

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Water is important for the normal functioning of our body systems. It is important for adults and kids alike to drink enough water and stay hydrated.

Dehydration is dangerous to our health. Getting your kids to stay hydrated by drinking more water is essential as part of their healthy habits. So, while they eat, make sure that there is enough water on the table or nearby.

Here are some reasons why kids should drink water more.         

Keeps joints, bones, and teeth healthy

The bones and teeth of a child develop as they grow and regular water intake affects this positively. How well the bones can do their jobs, especially growth depends on how much water is available. Water moves nutrients around the body and in so doing, brings calcium to the bones and teeth. These are very important for the strengthening of the bones and teeth. Not drinking enough water will make the calcium collect in your kidneys and stay there and this is one of the reasons for kidney stones. This is like a twin problem because kidney stones are painful and your bones will not grow strong and healthy because of the lack of calcium.

Proper blood circulation

Kids usually get involved in a lot of activities daily. These activities make them use their muscles more and when this happens, more oxygen would be needed by the muscles to make them work efficiently. Drinking water to the appropriate hydration level for kids is good because it helps the heart pump blood more easily and allows oxygen to reach the muscles. Apart from athletes, people with chronic diseases, and the elderly who are at risk the most from dehydration, children can also be at risk for not drinking enough water. The water is absorbed by the intestines and circulated throughout the body in the form of body fluids such as blood. These deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells and take out waste through urination.

Weight loss

Gaining too much weight in childhood could lead to obesity. This is usually discomforting for the child as he or she grows older. Drinking lots of water can help the child lose some pounds. Water is 100 percent calorie-free and allows the child to burn more calories. Taking lots of water before meals could also suppress the appetite, making you eat less food. Though this method is not guaranteed, it does work for the majority of those trying to lose weight. The benefits are even more visible when sugary beverages are replaced with water making it easier to cut back on sugar and calories.

Temperature regulation

Water in the body helps dissipate excess heat from the body, cooling and regulating the body’s temperature in the process. This is one other good reason why kids should always stay hydrated. If their bodies are well hydrated and they become too hot, some of the water is lost through sweat. When sweat evaporates from the body, it cools the skin in the process. If there is not enough water in the child’s body system, the heat stays within the body of the child.

At all times, make sure that there is safe drinkable water at home for the kids. Contaminated water can cause a lot more problems to a child than dehydration can. So, you need to make sure that the water available to the kids is always boiled and filtered. You can also use an RO system to purify your water at home. Reverse osmosis water filter systems with carbon filters can improve the taste of the water by removing the chlorine in it. It also takes out any odour and pollutants such as pesticides, lead, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, fluoride, and more.


There are natural chemicals in the brain called dopamine and serotonin that can increase or reduce depression and anxiety. When children are not well hydrated, it messes up the serotonin and dopamine balances in the brain thereby altering the child’s good mood. To improve a child’s mood, the fastest way to do it is by getting them to drink a glass of water. If they can take more, let them do so. It goes a long way in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression by calming the nerves.

As parents, it can be a difficult task getting your children to drink more water but if you replace the sports drinks, sodas, and juice in the refrigerator with water or get them water bottles that they like, it encourages them to drink more water. Getting them to perform exercises can also get them to drink more water than they lose while sweating. Just make sure they are hydrated at all times.

Article contributed by Inna Atwood and edited by the Active Age. Inna works as a fitness coach & a part-time content writer. She loves reading and travelling. She is young and ambitious and does hope to share her knowledge and experience with anyone willing to learn something new.

Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash