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Reminder: Exchange Your Samsung Note 7 for a New One

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A friendly reminder for those who have not made arrangements to replace their new Samsung Note 7 smartphones.

The Samsung Note 7 is the best phone that Samsung has ever made. Unfortunately, some of its phones shipped with a faulty battery. To be safe rather than sorry, Samsung is arranging for a recall and replacement for its Note 7 phones.

Note 7 users should take this opportunity to replace your Note 7 phones (with brand new sets) from 16 September to 2 October 2016. If you are not aware of this or have yet to make an arrangement, it will be in your interests to do so immediately. Please make an appointment by 25 September 2016.


How to Qualify

If you’ve purchased your Samsung Note 7 from M1, Singtel, StarHub, Samsung Experience Stores, Consumer Electronics/ IT Stores, authorised retailers and Samsung Lazada Online Store, you are eligible for this exchange. It is fine if you have lost your receipt, as all you need is the IMEI number.

However, if you:

  • purchased your unit from other sources or overseas, call 1800-SAMSUNG for further assistance.
  • Purchased it in Singapore but are now in another country, contact the local Samsung Customer Service Centre for information on the exchange process.


How to Arrange

Visit the Samsung Note 7 exchange page to make an appointment before September 25, 2016. If you are unable to collect during the exchange period due to other reasons, please call 1800-SAMSUNG for further assistance. You do have the means to authorise somebody to collect your behalf though.

Essentially, you choose between self-collection or home delivery, and you’ll need the following documents:

  • Self-collect
    Bring along your Galaxy Note7, screenshot/printout of appointment email and NRIC/FIN/Passport to the collection venue during your appointment day.
  • Home delivery
    Produce your Galaxy Note 7 and NRIC/FIN/Passport.
  • Collect on behalf
    If you can’t do either on your own, then prepare a Letter of Authorisation signed by you and stating your permission for an authorised person to do the exchange on your behalf. The person you authorise must be 18 years or above and their particulars will be recorded.

You can change your appointment at any time, but it is subject to slot availability. For home delivery, changes will not be accepted two days before the scheduled delivery date.

Walk-ins are discouraged, as Samsung will not be able to facilitate an exchange there and then. Samsung will arrange for a home delivery for customers who walk-in without an appointment.

If your Note 7 is with the Customer Service Centre and you are holding on to a loan unit, the procedure is the same. In all cases, please note that the Galaxy Note 7 device or loan unit needs to be returned to the Customer Service Consultant before an exchange can be made on the spot.


Conditions for Exchange

It’s fairly straightforward, although you should take note of the following:

  • Colour
    You cannot choose a different colour, and the replacement set will be the same colour as your original unit.
  • Screen protector
    Samsung will not be able to replace the screen protector, though they will offer a token of appreciation instead during the exchange.
  • Incomplete set
    If you threw your box or lost some accessories, you’ll still be able to exchange for a new and complete set of the Galaxy Note 7.
  • No refunds or swapping
    Samsung has stated that no refunds will be given and nor can you exchange for a different model.

Samsung will be offering a token of appreciation, and it will be given during the exchange. Also, they will also loan out phones (subject to availability) on the interim.


Data Backup

Samsung advises that you backup your phone data using Smart Switch PC (More details here), or transfer your files to your microSD card in your device using Smart Switch Mobile.

For those who opt to self-collect, you can receive data transfer assistance from Samsung’s Customer Service Consultant, although you have to be prepared to wait about an hour at least. Samsung advises that you backup your data before your appointment day to speed up the process.

Please note that data transfer assistance is not available for home delivery.


Samsung Concierge

Samsung Concierge customers will enjoy priority appointment booking and priority queue during exchange on-site. They will have slots set aside for them to select their preferred exchange time belts. A priority queue will also be arranged for you at the exchange venue.

As a gesture of goodwill, Concierge Service will start on the date you receive the replacement unit, and the full suite of entitlements will be reinstated upon receiving your new replacement unit.


For more details, visit the Samsung Note 7 exchange page.




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