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The Oppo R11 joins the Dual-Camera Game

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As we mentioned previously, Oppo has created a niche for itself with functional phones that have been given the premium touch. The new Oppo R11 is its next step forward. Like the iPhone, it has a dual camera setup in which one camera acts a fixed optical zoom, but with a higher resolution sensor.

In fact, it boasts a world’s first in its configuration of a 20MP front camera and 20MP+16MP rear dual cameras; the secondary camera in the rear ensemble helps to create a realistic bokeh effect (background blurring). Other camera features include an automatic HDR effect for more dynamic pictures as well as intelligent skin tone beautification tech to ensure that every shot looks perfect. All you need to do is just activate the Portrait function and fire away – the software does most the hard work in intelligently adjusting the exposure settings.


The R11 uses a custom Snapdragon 660 processor that’s designed to give you the performance of higher end smartphones but in a mid-range price bracket, giving you minimised shutter lag, improved autofocus speeds and better image quality even in low light. The Snapdragon 6-series has a earned a reputation for balancing speedy performance and long battery life, and in the R11 it’s paired with 4GB of RAM to ensure that the phone works smoothly in all but the most taxing of situations.

All of that is rolled into an attractive package that’s designed for the every day. The R11 is a minimalist, streamlined-looking device with a quality 5.5-inch Full HD display and a responsive fingerprint reader gives a premium feel, while the speedy VOOC flash charge technology takes the pain out of forgetting to charge your phone. To begin with, its 3,000mAh battery goes quite a long way – its predecessor is more than capable of lasting a full day with moderate use.

The Oppo R11 is available now for pre-order (sales start July 1, 2017) at S$699.





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