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Sleep well, live well with Yoga Nidra

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The Siam is a private 39-room luxury retreat located in Bangkok’s royal Dusit district, along the Chao Phraya River. At the Siam, Dr. Adrish Brahmadatta is a resident holistic wellness consultant and provides guests with treatments and recommendations using natural therapies such as Ayurvedic Guidance, Marma Therapy, yoga and meditation.

We spoke with Dr. Adrish about Yoga Nidra. This is an ancient meditation technique that focuses on the conscious relaxation of the whole being, by releasing built-up stress and tension.

The Active Age (AA): Please tell us about your background and how you began your journey as a wellness consultant.

Dr. Adrish (AB): I was born in a family in India where health through healing is priority. From my knowledge, my great grand father and I carried the same tradition into the future. I started my journey of healing techniques along with Yoga, meditation & Mantra chanting while I was only 3 years old. It is my family who made the wellness foundation in my career. Later, I travelled to many Ashrams, holly places in India and received many ancient healing techniques from some Yogis.  I finished my Ayurveda graduation (BAMS) and began practice as a doctor in 1999. I joined the world’s first Yoga University- Bihar Yoga Bharati and completed my M.Sc in Applied Yogic Science in 2003.

In 2003, I started my journey to the world. I have traveled to over 54 countries and visited many MNCs, universities, fitness centres, resorts, spa, Yoga Studios and companies as a visiting professional in the field of Wellness. Since 2015 I have been working as The Wellness Doctor at Opium Spa, The Siam Hotel, Bangkok. I am also a visiting professor for The Post graduate Diploma in Yogic Science & Ayurveda Course CBS,RILCA,Mahidol University,Thailand.

AA:  What is Yoga Nidra and how does it help in supporting better well-being, and by extension a better sleeping experience?

AB: According to Yoga, the body is the gross part of mind & mind is the subtle part of the body.

Both are interrelated.

The concept of health also advocates healthy body as well as a healthy Mind and Yoga Nidra is the right choice to achieve it. In Yoga Nidra the individual assume Shavasana & does not move the physical body but the mind remains awake & alert. Secondly make a resolve, which always comes true & happens in life. Then while doing Yoga Nidra when we rotate our awareness on the body parts,  it helps to guide the Mind & same time heals the body. This healing works in the deepest part of our being. While we do it on a regular basis, it corrects the body constitution and creates a greater balance. Most of us [will] lead a happy and healthy life. Health issues like stress, hypertension, insomnia goes away.

AA: Early to bed, early to rise. Is this still a possible lifestyle given how hectic schedules have become, especially with the “always connected” situation many people find themselves in?

AB: The wellness science of Ayurveda & Yoga say, if you want to be healthy & happy, [then it is natural to be] early to bed and early to rise. But there is no hard rule to it.

To keep in mind the hectic schedule of [our lifestyle], we must adjust and create a balance in life by doing the following things.

  • [Regardless of ] how late you sleep, try to wake up by 6am every morning
  • Do 20 minutes of Yoga asana & pranayama everyday
  • Meditate for at least 10 mins  daily
  • A 30 minutes Yoga Nidra session is also advisable each day
  • Stop eating where you [still] feel a little hungry and take between 2 to 3 meals each day
  •  Do not talk [for] 2 hours each day and observe silence
  • Avoid smart phones after 8pm [and until the following morning] 8am
  • Do a half day fasting once a week

All these guidelines help you to restore your health naturally.

Responses are provided by  Dr. Adrish Brahmadatta, Resident Wellness Consultant, The Siam



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