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The Bang for Your Buck Data Plan

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We know that for the most part, there’s no such thing as a free lunch where mobile data is concerned. But getting unlimited data for the day for the cost of lunch? Possibly the next best thing.

Circles.Life, a strong advocate for giving you full control of your mobile plans, has introduced a new option where you can get unlimited data for the day (starts and ends on the calendar day) at 4G+ speeds, on demand, for just S$3. The only caveat is that if you exceed 100GB in the course of a month, your speeds will be throttled, which is fair enough.

The idea behind this offering is that you do not need to pay over S$100 per month for unlimited data and be tied down to a contract; after all, not everyone will be surfing incessantly everyday while on the move. While not everyone will be inclined to micromanage their use of data, it provides you with the option nonetheless and is the perfect back up, regardless of whether you’re using the basic 6GB plan or the 20GB for S$20 package. Activating Unlimited Data on Demand is easy – all you need is to access the mobile dashboard on the CirclesCare app.

Additional services

Whatsapp Passport Unlimited Whatsapp usage is now available for overseas use with partner networks in over 18 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, India and the UK, starting from S$1 per day excluding Whatsapp voice calls.

Unlimited Outgoing Calls In addition to the 100 free minutes of talk time that come with all Circles.Life basic plans you can opt for unlimited local outgoing calls by adding S$16 per month, which adds quite a lot of value – given a base plan of S$28, and adding S$2 per month for free incoming calls, you effectively have 6 GB of data with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls for only S$46 per month.

Try before you buy For a limited time, Circles.Life lets new subscribers try out the first month of subscription for free. All new customers will not be charged for the first month of their basic subscription.




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