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Best ‘1 for 1’ Offer Ever? Circle.Life Unveils its New Data Top-Up Option

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The way we use data these days, it’s really easy to rack up a huge bill.

Gone are the days where you look at a contract plan and smirk to yourself, how in the world can I use up 12GB of data in a month? Much easier than you’d think, actually. A video sent over Whatsapp here, and a Facebook video there, and before you know it, you get warnings that you are approaching your data limit for the month. That may all change soon, thanks to Circles.Life’s new offering.

$20 for 20GB of data. That’s basically $1 for 1GB.

That’s available on a top-up, but still, you’re looking at base plan of $28, which already has 6GB of data, which brings the bill up to $48 for 26GB of data – which, at this time, is considerably cheaper than what Singtel, Starhub and M1 are offering, which easily run past the $100 mark, depending on your plan options.

We’d advise you to wait a little because typically, the other telcos will have a response to these price changes. If you’re already committed for one reason or another (broadband and TV bundles etc), switching over can be tedious. But if you’re not tied down by any contractual obligations, Circles.Life is a rather attractive proposition thanks to the flexibility of its no-contract plans.

To find out more, go Circles.Life page here.



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