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The Humble Hair Dryer Gets a Supersonic Treatment

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It may seem a bit of overkill, spending £50 million to develop a state of the art hair dryer, but that’s what Dyson did.

Think Dyson’s famous bladeless fans but in the form of a hairdryer. The new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer promises a fast, focused airflow that is much quieter, balances nicely in your hands and intelligently controls the heater temperature to protect your hair from damage.

At the core of the Supersonic is the patented Dyson digital motor V9, Dyson’s smallest digital motor. It is up to eight times faster than other hair dryer motors, and half the weight. As such, it’s small enough to be placed in the handle and this makes the dryer feel well-balanced in the hand. Using the same Air Multiplier principle as their fans, the volume of the air drawn into the motor is amplified three times, producing a high pressure, high velocity jet of air.


To reduce sound further, Dyson simplified the pathway of airflow within the motor, reducing turbulence and swirling. They also pushed the frequency of the motor drone out of hearing range, and installed acoustic silencers to further reduce sound.

In addition, the Supersonic sports a glass bead thermistor that measures the temperature 20 times a second, and a microprocessor controls the heating element accordingly to reduce damage to your hair.


Three styling attachments will be available at launch. They’re attached magnetically, and also are engineered to remain cool to the touch even during use. The Dyson Supersonic will be available in Singapore in the third quarter of 2016. Pricing will be announced at a later date.








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