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TM Infinite VIP

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Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore (TMLS) offers a “whole of life” product where policy holders can receive a constant income from the product for the rest of their lives.

Launched in 2013, the TM Infinite VIP is a single premium product that offers a lifetime of monthly income stream for as long as the customer/assured lives.

It is designed to provide optimal flexibility for individuals to plan their retirement years while enjoying a regular income.

The minimum single premium is S$133,350 that will provide a minimum monthly cash benefit of S$500 after the fifth policy year.

Main features of the TM Infinite VIP include:

• The policy holder can expect to receive a 4.5% p.a. of the single premium from the 5th policy year onwards.
• The plan also offers guaranteed cash value of 80% of the single premium from Day 1.
• There is also no underwriting required for this product.
• The death benefit and surrender value do not reduce even during the pay-out period.

The plan is suitable for those looking:

• For lifetime income during retirement years
• To secure a lifetime income for children
• To only handle/transact a one-time premium commitment
• To not deal with any medical underwriting upon application




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