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WhatIF Foods launches BamNut Milk

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BamNut Milk is suitable for almost any diet and uses only a quarter of the carbon footprint compared to cow’s milk.

BamNut Milk is made from the Bambara groundnut. This is a legume grown in South East Asia and Africa. It requires very little water to grow, and is a regenerative crop. This means it can help restore the land by putting back nitrogen into the soil that it is grown on.

BamNut Milk

The milk product comprises of the Bambara groundnut (high in protein), coconut oil and shea butter as well as water, calcium, vitamins D2 and B12. It delivers 7g of protein per serving and contains 31 percent less fat than cow’s milk.

A regular glass of BamNut Milk has at least half of the recommended daily requirements for calcium, Vitamin D2, and Vitamin B12.

BamNut Milk is suitable for almost any diet because it has no added sugar, is lactose-free, and is wholly plant-based. It is a versatile milk that can be used in drinks, cooking, and baking.

BamNut Milk

Availability and pricing

A litre of BamNut Milk retails for SGD 5.90.

It can be bought on the WhatIF Foods’ website and available at select Cold Storage stores.

Photo credit: WhatIF Foods