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Best Healthy Alternatives to Coffee

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It’s about time to get out of your daily caffeine fix. Here are some coffee substitutes you may want to consider.

Have you always found it difficult to remove coffee out of your daily routine? If so, here are some healthy alternatives you can consider.

Green Tea
If you’ve always wanted to skip your daily java, consider trying green tea instead. Skip your morning coffee for a hot cup of green tea as this drink is rich in antioxidants good for the body. It may take awhile before you get used to it, but you can always use organic honey to sweeten it naturally.

Green tea has less caffeine compared to coffee but can give you the same energy boost you need for the day. Since it’s packed with catechins, expect your body to fight off disease in the long run.

Wheatgrass Juice
This healthy drink is packed with vitamins, nutrients and essential minerals needed by body. Though it may taste nothing like your beloved cup of coffee, it is considered one of the healthiest juices you can find.

Lemon Water
You can always enjoy a warm cup of lemon water in the morning if you want to kick start your day the right way. Others enjoy drinking water with a slice of lemon or two for cleansing purposes. Feel free to add honey if you think it’s a tad bit too sour for you. You can also add mint if you prefer. This is a good drink to help flush your toxins regularly.

Chai Tea
This is a great drink to trick your mind as if you’re drinking coffee ‘cause the color doesn’t differ as much. Chai is usually made with milk, various spices and black tea. This smooth and creamy drink will help you get over your coffee withdrawal phase one day at a time.

Coconut Water
This juice coming from young coconuts is filled with rich bioactive enzymes and rehydrating electrolytes. Mind you, this drink can get very addicting as it is naturally sweet and helps quench your thirst at the same time.




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