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DFS Global Whiskey Festival Launches at Changi Airport

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The DFS Whiskey Festival goes global and has kicked off at Singapore Changi Airport.

The event kicks off on 27 May and will move to eight DFS locations across Asia, the Middle East, and North America. The festival features over 300 whiskies including limited edition bottles exclusive to DFS. The Whiskey Festival will also introduce visitors to the DFS Flavour Profile tool in a bid to help new whiskey drinkers in choosing whiskies that they will be partial to:

  • Floral and delicate
  • Fruity and elegant
  • Smokey and intense
  • Rich and rounded

Up to 100 whiskies will be available for tasting in store, depending on location, and include the Suntory Chita Single Grain, Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch 2: Bourbon Cask & Rye Finish, Royal Salute Polo Collection, Bowmore 10 YO, and Woodford Reserve Personal Selection (see below).

The festival will take place over six weekends from May 27 until July 1 and The Whiskey House at DFS’ Terminal 2 Duplex and The Raffles Long Bar at Terminal 3 Duplex will host a variety of brands and their ambassadors, who will invite you to enjoy complimentary whiskey tastings and food pairings in addition to sharing their knowledge.

New and limited edition whiskies

A variety of new and limited edition whiskies will be featured, the highlight of which are:

JOHNNIE-WALKER-BOUBON-CASK-RYE-FINISH-–-LIMITED-EDITION--e1495875151346Johnnie Walker Bourbon Cask & Rye Finish (Limited Edition)
The second in Johnnie Walker’s Blender ‘s Batch series, Experiment No. 2 is another attempt to create progressive and exciting blends. It is blended using whiskies from just five distilleries including Dufftown and the now silent Port Dundas. Designed to be drunk neat or over ice, it also shines with ginger ale, soda or as a base for a classic Manhattan where the sweetness really cuts through. S$73

Bowmore’s new range of age statement whiskies are a welcome sight given its absence for five years. Described as “deep and complex”, the whisky is matured in Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez sherry casks. The whisky offers flavors of treacle coffee, dates and bittersweet orange peel before evolving to roasted coffee and macadamia nuts. The new range includes the 10-Year-Old, 15-Year-Old and 18-Year-Old, which are newly crafted exclusively for travellers. S$135

Royal Salute: Polo Limited EditionRoyal Salute Polo Collection 2017 Edition 21YO (Changi Airport Asia first launch)
Celebrating the association with the sport of Kings. Royal Salute Polo Collection is a new, lighter blend of the classic 21-Year-Old, presented in a specially designed gift box featuring Royal Salute Polo ambassador, Malcolm Borwick and a striking turquoise flagon featuring two dueling polo players. Changi Airport is the first in Asia will carry this limited edition.  S$193

WOODFORD-RESERVE-PERSONAL-SELECTION-–-EXCLUSIVE-FOR-DFS-SINGAPORE-e1495875167344Woodford Reserve Personal Selection (DFS Exclusive)
Woodford Reserve’s Personal Selection is a unique program that allows you to pick a Woodford Reserve batch that you enjoy. From woody, fruity, sweet, to spicy, nutty, and malty, these aromatics flavors have been personally selected by DFS and Woodford Reserve for The Whiskey Festival 2017 with exclusive barrels just for DFS Singapore. S$70

William Grant & Sons Rare Cask Reserve Araid 18YO (DFS Exclusive)
Practically a bespoke blend concocted by Brian Kinsman, Master Blender, with whisky enthusiasts in mind.
The Araid collection comprises of a range of whiskies aged at least 18, 21, 25 years old, using rare aged stocks of Scotch Whisky from the private reserve ledgers from William Grants. This bespoke creation is exclusive to DFS globally and only in finite quantities. S$139WILLIAM GRANT & SONS RARE CASK RESERVE – ARAID 18-YEAR-OLD, CREATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR DFS

HICHIBU-PEATED-2016-EDITION-–-A-RARE-LIMITED-EDITION-e1495875123478Chichibu Peated 2016 
Chichibu has grown into an internationally known cult brand thanks to the combination of the reputation of Chichibu’s vibrant whiskies and Hanyu’s reputation. Whisky maker Ichiro Akuto is now experimenting with peat and barley sourced from Japan to eventually create a whisky that has its providence completely from Japan. This Specialty Japanese Single Malt has a tinged of peated smokiness and is very limited – only 120 bottles will be available at Changi Airport. S$239


May 27 – June 30 DFS, Singapore Changi Airport
June 1 – June 30 DFS, Hong Kong International Airport | DFS, Los Angeles, International Airport | DFS, San Francisco International Airport | DFS, John F Kennedy International Airport | T Galleria by DFS, Angkor
July 1 – July 31 DFS, Hawaii Honolulu International Airport
August 1 – August 31 DFS, Abu Dhabi International Airport


Weekend Schedule

May 27/28 

  • Explore the World of Whiskies featuring Charles MacLean, the acclaimed whiskey writer and critic
    • DFS T3 Duplex, 9-11pm (May 27) and 7-10pm (May 28)
  • Woodford Reserve featuring Grant Shearon, Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniel’s & Woodford Reserve
    • DFS T2 Duplex, 5-8pm (May 27)
    • DFS T3 Duplex, 5-8pm (May 28)

June 2/3

  • Royal Salute Polo Collection featuring Murray Lang, Royal Salute Brand Ambassador
    • DFS T2 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 2)
    • DFS T3 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 3)

June 9/10

  • Johnnie Walker and Singleton featuring Kim Tan, Johnnie Walker Brand Advocate
    • DFS T2 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 9)
    • DFS T3 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 10)

June 16/17

  • The Balvenie featuring Neil Strachan, The Balvenie Brand Ambassador
    • DFS T2 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 16)
    • DFS T3 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 17)

June 18/19

  • John Dewars & Sons featuring Euan Douglas Auld, Brand Ambassador for John Dewars & Sons
    • DFS T2 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 18)
    • DFS T3 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 19)

June 23/24

  • The Macallan, Glenrothes and Highland Park featuring Randall Tan, The Macallan Brand Advocate
    • DFS T2 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 23)
    • DFS T3 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 24)

June 30/July 1

  • Chivas Mizunara featuring Paul Nealon, Chivas Mizunara’s Brand Ambassador
    • DFS T2 Duplex, 5-8pm (June 30)
    • DFS T3 Duplex, 5-8pm (July 1)



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