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Flutiform Aims To Improve Asthma Management

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For the first time, two well-established asthma medications (fluticasone and formoterol) are brought together in a modern aerosol inhaler known as flutiform.

Mundipharma recently announced the launch of flutiform in Singapore. Flutiform is a new combination therapy for the maintenance treatment of asthma and combines for the first time two of the most effective asthma medications1 in a single, portable aerosol inhaler.

A recent survey of asthma sufferers in Singapore found that only one-quarter of respondents take their asthma medication daily as it is prescribed, mainly because management of their condition did not seem relevant to them. 41% don’t see the need in taking their medication regularly if they’re not experiencing incapacitating symptoms or asthma attacks.

“What many patients don’t realise is that they can significantly reduce the chance of serious asthma attacks simply by using their inhalers regularly. This is especially important with the return of the haze—even in moderate amounts, it can exacerbate their condition,” said Dr Chan Tiong Beng, Consultant Respiratory Physician and Intensive Care Cough & Chest Specialist, Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre. “By using two of the most effective asthma drugs available, flutiform helps make it easier for my patients to adhere to their inhaler schedules and ultimately to prevent attacks.”

Asthma is common in Singapore, affecting about 5% of adults, however, patients often underestimate the seriousness of their condition until the onset of severe symptoms. According to the recently-conducted REALISE Asia survey of asthma patients, while 94% of Singaporean respondents consider their asthma to be well-controlled, only 25% have asthma that is controlled according to clinical guidelines.

To further increase convenience for patients and to improve adherence to medication regimens, flutiform’s novel drug combination is housed in a traditional inhaler device that patients are already familiar with, eliminating the need to learn new techniques. The device also provides a dose counter for patients to easily keep track of medicine intake.















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