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CruCycle Spins Into Singapore

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Krewfit has launched the latest spin concept and studio CruCycle in Singapore to local fitness and fun enthusiasts.

Revolving around the mantra of ‘Riding with the Pack’, CruCycle’s classes encourages participants to work out in a group, focusing on teamwork and fostering camaraderie. The 50 minute CruCycle spin class is an all-rounded experience for spinners and not only does it involves indoor cycling, it also incorporates exercises for abs and arms.

Beatrice Ding, Instructor and Co-founder, conceptualised the idea with her brother Calvin Ding, Co-Founder & Managing Director, while they were studying in Los Angeles, where there are many fitness options available. Calvin picked up indoor cycling from the spin studios in Los Angeles, finding it a natural fit for his athleticism, having competed in rugby, tennis and bowling competitively in high school.

The Ding siblings are highly involved in every aspect of the class by ensuring every bike is prior-fitted to each rider’s unique measurements. They personally curate playlists for each class, setting the tempo and mood for the high-powered sessions, which target both mental and physical strength-building.

Cru’s sessions are suitable for all levels, with four types of rides being offered:

Beginners: Introductory rides that allows riders a chance to learn new methods and exercises involved in indoor cycling.

The Pack Ride: Ride with the Pack. This signature class is for riders of all levels who wish to challenge themselves by riding hard and heavy. Light weights and core exercises are incorporated into the 50-minute ride.

Charity Event Ride: Welcoming riders from all levels of fitness, Cru will be organising charity events throughout the year, whereby proceeds go to a foundation of choice.

Private Rides: Suited for corporate bonding events: PRIVATE RIDES – All levels Cru is open to private rides at your convenience with your own pack. Suitable for private events, birthdays and special occasions.




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